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Technicolor Thought Leaders, Experts and Executives Offer Insights into the Art, Science and Economics of Entertainment Technology at NAB 2017

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - April 20, 2017 - Rezul -- PRE-NAB 2017 -- The NAB 2017 conference in Las Vegas (April 22-27, 2017) will feature the latest developments in technology and artistry that will define how the full range of entertainment content is created, distributed and consumed.

Technicolor subject matter experts will participate in presentations and panels throughout the event to explore key issues related to: premium content creation; trends in high-end immersive experience development; as well as critical technologies and business relationships being forged to deliver content to consumers through the next generation of customer premises equipment (CPE).

Media and analysts are invited and encouraged to sit in on sessions such as:

4.23.17 / 9:15am – "Is Cinephilia Dead or is it Just Expanding?" This is a panel discussion featuring Josh Pines, Vice President of Imaging Science, Technicolor. Panelists in this session will discuss the pros and cons of digital technology and its role in the art of cinema and movie distribution. They will also talk about the new technological accessibility for the filmmaker, including the effects of the infinite palette of technological possibilities. More details are available here:

4.23.17 / 2:25 (1:40pm) – "How You Get Inside It: AR/VR/AI and Deep Learning – The Immersive New Media Landscape and the Solutions Needed to Get Us There." This panel will feature Nick Mitchell, Vice President of Immersive Technology, Technicolor, and Lionel Oisel, Principal Scientist, Technicolor. The panel will explore the experiences of filmmakers who are starting to create VR/AR content. It will also feature a brief introduction into how Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning can play a role in the storytelling process. More details are available here:

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4.24.17 / 1:00pm – NAB Show Live - "The State of the Industry: VR Technology." Marcie Jastrow, Technicolor's Senior Vice President of Immersive Media – a review of the key creative, business and technology trends that are driving demand for immersive experiences. More details are available here:

4.24.17 / 4:30pm – "Making Virtual Reality a Reality." Marcie Jastrow, Technicolor's Senior Vice President of Immersive Media will participate in a panel discussion on what has to happen in order for VR to be the next big thing. Panelists will describe some of the pitfalls VR must avoid in order to become a mainstream part of the entertainment industry. More details are available here:

4.24.17 / 1:00pm -- "Ghost in the Shell: Creating a Parallel Cyber Future." Michael Hatzer, Senior Supervising Digital Colorist, Technicolor, will participate in panel that will dissect Ghost in the Shell. The session will describe how the movie combines artistry with cutting edge innovation in the use of light, movement, composition, visual effects, three-dimensionality and color. More details are available here:

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4.25.17 / 11:30am – "Helping Cable Operator's Meet The Challenges of Delivering HDR Content to the Home." Technicolor's Vice President of Technology and Ecosystem Development, Josh Limor, will deliver a presentation on how cable can should deliver to consumers the improved visual experience offered by High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. More details are available here:

4.25.17 / 1:00pm – NAB Show Live - "VR Post Production Workflow from Stitching to VFX." MPC's Head of VR & Immersive Content, Advertising, Tim Dillon – on the latest operational developments that are helping to streamline the production of immersive experiences. More details are available here:

4.25.17 / 2:45pm – "A Walk in the Clouds." Bob Eicholz, Chief Technology Officer, Technicolor, will examine some of the "angels and devils" hiding in the details of large-scale, high-resolution cloud-centric implementations and discuss some of the upfront considerations and future innovations which should be examined when moving your most valuable assets to the cloud. More details are available here:

For more details or interview requests, contact:

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