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Gill Bowen and Tim Hartzenberg are the founders of Shooshoos, a company that specializes in the design and craft of baby and toddler shoes. The company has been running since 1996. Shooshoos is an international company that makes genuine leather, hand-crafted baby and toddler shoes in Cape Town, South Africa.

Shooshoos understands the importance of your little one's growing feet, especially the fact that their feet are mostly cartilage and, therefore, require a lot of protection. The company also understand that babies and toddlers' feet are sensitive and that they sweat a lot! On top of all that, Shooshoos also realize how active babies and toddlers can be. As such, Shooshoos' main aim was to create a shoe that would be able to help your babies and toddlers with the above-mentioned factors.

What makes Shooshoos' toddler and baby shoes so special is how they're manufactured. Apart from being made with love, all Shooshoos shoes are manufactured with leather - a light, but durable enough material that will be able to handle a highly active little toddler!

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Shooshoos' shoemakers use only the best materials for your little one's feet, which are chemical free, ensuring that they don't cause any harm to your baby or toddler, as well as the environment. Shooshoos makes shoes that secure onto your little one's feet easily with protective material around the band that secures their feet in their shoes. Their shoes also offer breathing room for their feet, to prevent them from sweating too much.

All Shooshoos shoes have beautiful and trendy designs on them, offering comfort and style for your little ones. There is also a variety of colors you can purchase your little ones Shooshoos shoes in!

The company manufactures a lot of shoes for toddlers and babies. Their range comes in the form of Velcro straps or tie-up sneakers, wool slippers, slip on sneakers, booties, wellingtons, pre-walkers, soft soles and much more.

To learn more about Shooshoos and the baby and toddler products that they have on offer, you can visit them on:

About the Company:
Shooshoos has been in the industry for over 24 years. The owners realized that there was a gap in the market for shoes that protected baby's and toddler's feet while they played or learned to walk. As a result, they began crafting the perfect baby shoe – and Shooshoos was born.

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