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September's Here – More Smart Energy Developments

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RENO, Nev. - Sept. 6, 2016 - Rezul -- Today's Grid is not "your grandfather's grid" - the electric grid is moving rapidly to becoming the 'New GridTM'. Renewable Energy is a major part of the move to a low carbon society, and Utilities are working to phase renewables into the energy mix as the electric grid becomes the 'New GridTM'. Automakers are moving ahead with automated vehicles. Batteries and Storage technologies are getting cheaper and more advanced and promise to be an essential element of the New GridTM.

After the Paris agreement, Climate Change and its ramifications make headlines every day. Smart Energy Universe is dedicated to bringing comprehensive coverage of smart energy happenings.

The Oil and Gas industry is still working out how it needs to operate in this brave new world.

SEU covers the news objectively, bringing unbiased coverage to our readers.

Begin each week with the Publisher's Note which gives an overview of the major smart energy news from the "week that was". In just few minutes, readers get a handle on smart energy events that can impact the smart energy world.

Some of the Headlines from last week

· "Europe needs diverse sources of gas -- not new pipelines that lock in greater reliance on Russia." - Biden in Latvia Discusses Europe's Energy Security

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· President Obama signed a proclamation expanding the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Papahānaumokuākea is the only mixed UNESCO World Heritage site in the United States and only one of 35 mixed sites in the world. - Obama Proclamation of Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument Expansion

· In this sale, BOEM offered 23.8 million acres in federal waters offshore Texas for oil and gas exploration and development. - Gulf of Mexico Lease sale Yields $18 Million in High Bids

· Citizen lab said it is not aware of any previous instance of an iPhone remote jailbreak used in the wild as part of a targeted attack campaign, making this a rare find. - Apple IOS Hack

· New plants totaling 10GW have been commissioned so far in 2016, and an installed total of 100GW might still be achievable by year-end. - Global Utility-Scale Solar Reaches 75GW

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The Pulse of the Smart Energy Industry
: Each week, SEU asks smart energy professionals for their view on the hot news item of the week. Over 1500 readers respond to the "Question of the Week" (QoW) each week.

Last week, the QoW asked, "Can the international multi-stakeholder group manage the Internet effectively?" Results were mixed:

· Over 4 out of 10 (43.1%) said the Internet transition will proceed smoothly

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· Slightly less (37.9%) number of respondents do not see the transition proceed smoothly without humps in the road

· About one in 10 (10.7%) said the transition will be a shot in the arm of the Internet which has become stagnant

· A small number of respondents (8.1%) said privatization will spell the end of the Internet as we know it

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Smart Energy Universe publishes ViewPointTM opinion pieces from Industry leaders as well as Editorials on issues that count for the smart energy industry. Last week SEU published an Opinion piece on "Much Fluff, Taxpayer Risk, and Private Profit?" by the Controller of the State of Nevada.

Each week the ViewPointTM articles make for thought-provoking reading. Catch the latest in this week's issue of Smart Energy Universe.

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