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Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel Elthea's Realm Recommended by Donovan's Literary Services

Book is a Prime Pick for the Month in Science Fiction and Fantasy

WRENTHAM, Mass. - May 8, 2017 - Rezul -- Donovan's Literary Services has placed the novel Elthea's Realm on its recommended reading list for the month of May 2017. The novel by John Murzycki is a mix of thriller, futuristic sci-fi, and fantasy.

"Elthea's Realm is an inviting recommendation for cross-genre fans who enjoy fantasy stories imbibed with thrilling action and heartfelt inspection," stated Diane Donovan, Editor. "The plot is engaging and fast-paced, but the inclusion of a bigger picture translates to a thought-provoking read which lingers in the mind long after the story's final revelations about technology and humanity's interconnected futures."

Elthea's Realm has enough technology references garnered from Murzycki's years as a high-tech marketing professional. Bots, antivirus programs, and networks are all elements he uses to bring the reader into a magical world. "I would often wonder about the unintended consequences of technology," said Murzycki. "What might happen if technology developed in a way we had never expected? And then I began to think about how I could write that idea as a fantasy novel."

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In her review, listed as a May 2017 Prime Pick, Donovan said, "While the story's opening salvo would seem to define it as a thriller, the events that follow rapidly move it into the realm of a fantasy as civilization is threatened, a benevolent force transports the friends to the enchanting world of Elthea's Realm, and they discover the devil in paradise in the form of Bots which they are tasked with confronting in order to save both Earth and their new home."

Murzycki adds, "My characters are unlikely heroes who struggle with frailties and imperfections as they face dangers they would never have thought possible. Only then do we find out what we are made of. I like to explain that the book is a story about what makes us human."

Murzycki is currently working on the next book in the series. Elthea's Realm is available in both paperback and eBook. Sign up for his newsletter at http://www.johnmurzycki.com. Read the complete review from Donovan's Literary Services at http://donovansliteraryservices.com/may-2017-lp.html by scrolling to the 'Scintillating Science Fiction and Fantasy' section.

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