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Rick Vermillion shares front yard landscaping tips for your Colorado Springs home

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Local landscaping expert Rick Vermillion has been serving the Colorado Springs community for years. They can add affordable low-maintenance landscaping options to increase your curb appeal.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Rezul -- Rick Vermillion is sharing ways to spruce up your curb appeal with low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your front yard. A recent study has shown that landscaping can increase your home's perceived value by up to 15%. Your front yard is what people see when they pass your home or come up to it.

Colorado Springs residents who want to have the best yard on the block without the upkeep of regular maintenance, these projects can be completed in a weekend and are affordable.

Adding decorative stone

Rick Vermillion and his team will lay natural stone that acts as a weed repellant, so you won't need to gas up your lawnmower again. It is a great solution for decorating areas where your grass won't grow. Stone is a very popular choice for Colorado Springs residents. You can also choose colors that match your home's aesthetic.

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Installing solar lighting

The best thing about landscaping lights is that they are solar-powered and inexpensive. Rick Vermillion and his team of landscaping experts can add unique features such as lanterns or lighting that recesses into walkways, or faux rocks that blend seamlessly into the landscape with integrated lights.

To hide unsightly areas, plant groundcovers

Many plants can be used in landscapes for multiple purposes, including shade, screens, and windbreaks. Rick Vermillion and his team have installed groups of trailing plants that can cover problematic spots in your yard. Groundcovers are low-growing plants that cover the ground of the landscape. They can prevent soil erosion, stabilize soil on slopes and provide seasonal flowering interest.

Planting perennial shrubs right in front of your home

Rick Vermillion recommends planting perennials to provide ground cover and help retain soil moisture. During the winters in Colorado, these perennials can be replanted in colder months to cover the soil and protect it from the sun.

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Planting shade trees

Even if your current home might not be your forever residence, mature trees as part of your landscaping can add some much-needed visual aesthetics. Rick Vermillion states that planting shade trees can add real value to your home if you plan to sell it in the future.

Hiring a Local Landscaper

Hiring a local landscaping company has many benefits, not only for making your yard stand apart but follow-up visits and consulting.

Every area is unique in its soil, weather, and requirements. Rick Vermillion and his Colorado Springs landscaping experts have worked with the same soil conditions for many years. They can instantly read the terrain to determine what is best for you. Contact Rick Vermillion today for a consultation.


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