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Resolution Introduced in New York City Council Calls on the United States to Endorse United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

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Given the dangerous decline of the natural world, New York City resolution would ask the Biden administration to take a leadership role on biodiversity.

NEW YORK - Rezul -- New York City Council Member Helen K. Rosenthal today announced her introduction of Resolution #1567 that calls on the United States Senate to ratify, and President Biden to sign, the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

A commitment from the United States is urgently needed, with biological diversity declining globally. In the U.S. and around the world, human activity has led to destabilized ecosystems, damaged habitats, disrupted ocean life, exploited wild plant and animal species, and polluted air, land and water.

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In the five boroughs, loss of biodiversity undermines New Yorkers' well-being. Habitat for rare wildflowers is disappearing. Nature access is lacking in frontline communities. Native pollinators have no policy protections. Wetlands are destroyed for big box stores. This erosion of local biodiversity makes humans more vulnerable to new disease outbreaks.

"Biological diversity is essential to the well-being of New Yorkers, of Americans, and of the planet. Empirical evidence shows that species extinction threatens the health of our communities and the world by undermining essential ecosystem function and worsening climate outcomes," said Council Member Helen Rosenthal. "In introducing this resolution I am joining the growing number of Americans who are urging the Biden Administration to partner with the global community to recognize and protect our biodiversity."

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"The COVID-19 pandemic has made our deeply human need to connect to nature feel urgent and vital. New Yorkers are visiting local wild green spaces in record numbers, but local biodiversity loss means less nature in the five boroughs," said urban ecologist and PopUP Forest founder Marielle Anzelone. "New Yorkers need government commitments to preserve nature at the city, state, and Federal levels. I applaud Council Member Rosenthal for her leadership in authoring this resolution."

The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity is a multinational treaty ratified by all 196 UN member states, except the United States. In October 2021 countries will re-commit to fighting the global extinction crisis, resulting in a summit equal in scale and stature to the Paris climate accord.

The New York City Council resolution calls for the U.S. to commit to the success of this undertaking.

Marielle Anzelone

Source: PopUP Forest

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