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Cape Gas has over 30 years of experience in servicing the residential, commercial and industrial sectors with all their gas needs. They are dedicated members of the "Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa" (LPGSASA), which is the association in South Africa responsible for the safe installation of various gas appliances and gas services.

Members who are registered under this association are verified and registered and are, thus, able to give their customers COC's, which is the Certificate of Compliance. A COC is vital after having any gas service or appliance installed, as this certificate states that the service or installation was done under the countries gas regulations and standards. After having any gas service done, Cape Gas always issues their customer with a COC. Their staff are fully licensed and trained under Cape Gas' strict standards, as well as fully trained in fire fighting and first aid. In the event that any accident occurs, Cape Gas can be confident that their skilled and knowledgeable staff can handle the accident promptly, safely and professionally.

Cape Gas' most widely used service is their LPG installations. Liquid Petroleum Gas is the type of gas used for most home appliances. It is essential that all of these appliances are installed correctly, as a house catching alight from gas can often explode and cause the fire to spread to neighbouring houses.

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As mentioned above, Cape Gas also does commercial gas services and installations for the commercial sector. Appliances such as ovens, geysers, boiling tables and grillers are installed by Cape Gas in establishments like Cafes, Laboratories and Restaurants, as well as in hospitality and catering establishments. Since these establishments are frequented by the public, it is highly imperative that these installations are done according to the rules and regulations of the country, such as the SANS10087-1 & 2 standards, which Cape Gas is known for strictly adhering to.

To learn more about the services offered by Cape Gas, such as their maintenance and repair services. You can visit their official website:

About the Company
Cape Gas is a renowned gas specialist throughout the Western Cape. They are especially known for their residential services, such as the installation of gas appliances like hobs, stoves, fireplaces and geysers. It is imperative that these types of appliances are installed according to SANS10087-1 standards which Cape Gas strictly adheres to. In fact, their motto is "Safety isn't expensive it's priceless!"

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