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Recent Changes to Oklahoma Expungement Law

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Bury Your Past - Tulsa Expungement Lawyers
New Oklahoma law lowers the requirements for felony expungements, giving people the chance to get a clean slate.

TULSA, Okla. - Oct. 10, 2018 - Rezul -- Changes to Expungement Law Helps More People
A new Oklahoma expungement law makes it much easier for people convicted of a nonviolent felony to clear their criminal record. In the past, strict requirements made it difficult for some people to get a fresh start, but it prevented others from having any hope of removing the mark from their background report. Those who wish to take advantage of these changes turn to an Oklahoma expungement attorney at Bury Your Past.

New Expungement Laws
Until the new laws took effect, anyone convicted of a nonviolent felony had to wait at least 10 years before applying for an expungement, but that's not all. If the court convicted someone of a felony and misdemeanor, that person was not able to get the expungement no matter how much time had passed. The good news is that the updates to the law have changed everything in a positive way. Someone with a nonviolent felony must only wait five years before getting an expungement, and those with an additional misdemeanor can apply seven years after the last charge.

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Why People Seek Expungements
Most people who find themselves behind bars made a few mistakes or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once people serve their time and return to society, they should not have to keep paying for their past mistake. Having a felony on record, though, makes it hard to find employment, travel to certain parts of the world or even find an apartment in a desirable location.

Even when people learn from the past and resolve to do better in the future, their criminal record can keep them trapped. Getting an expungement defeats that roadblock and allows people to get the second chance they deserve. Many people with great talents and aspirations have trouble moving forward in life because things that happened years ago keep coming back to haunt them.

Expungements grant people the opportunity to start fresh and build a new life.

Why People Choose Bury Your Past
People who want to take advantage of the new Oklahoma expungement law have many options when it comes to locating an Oklahoma expungement attorney, and they wonder why they should choose one law firm over the other. Bury Your Past has a proven record of success and has allowed 98 percent of its clients to wipe the felony off their record.

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Although the amount of time required to expunge a felony can vary, this company has an average wait time of 60 to 75 days. In other words, those who qualify can get a new start in as little as two months from speaking with a caring Oklahoma expungement lawyer.

Anyone who would like to bury the past and enjoy a fresh start should speak with a lawyer from the team to get started right away. The lawyers will look into each case and help the client choose a path that makes the most sense.

Contact an experience expungement lawyer at Bury Your Past - Tulsa Expungement Lawyers today.

Bury Your Past – Tulsa Expungement Lawyers
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