Raymond grinding mill with large capacity

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Raymond grinding mill was developed in Germany in the 1920s. The equipment is based on the principle of material bed grinding, which overcomes many defects of the ball mill grinding mechanism. It has high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, simple process and small floor space. , adaptability, easy operation, etc. Henan Fote Heavy Mining Machinery introduced and absorbed foreign advanced technology in the 1980s, successfully developed Fote series Raymond mill. After nearly 30 years of development, Fote company's raymond mill has formed a series of product specifications, which have been widely used in cement, metallurgy, electric power, non-metallic minerals and other industries.

The raymond mill grinding process is that the original ore is fed into the vibrating plate feeder by the forklift, and is crushed to a certain particle size by the crushing equipment and then sent to the raw material warehouse by the elevator. There is an electronic belt scale at the bottom of the warehouse. After the raw materials are metered, they are fed into the Raymond mill by the hoist and lock air feeder. The top of grinding mill comes with a high-efficiency static and static classifier. The unqualified materials are sorted to the grinding disc and the newly fed material is re-grinded. Qualified fine powder enters the high-efficiency pulse dust collector with the airflow through the air outlet, and is collected after being collected. The finished product is then sent to the finished product warehouse through the pneumatic conveying chute, hoist, etc., and the packaging machine or the bulk device is arranged under the warehouse to realize the packaging of the finished product.

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