Rapper & producer W. Corona continues his journey through the Regional Mexican landscape with the release of 'Rancho Gang'

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LOS ANGELES - Rezul -- Rapper and producer W. Corona continues his journey through the Regional Mexican landscape with the release of his latest album 'Rancho Gang.' Showcasing a creative fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds, the new album was co-written and produced by the Monterrey-based rapper himself and is a reflection of his relentless search for new rhythms and melodies.

'Rancho Gang' features 13 songs infused with hip hop, sierreño, and norteño influences, taking listeners on an audible trip through the genres that have formed a principal part of W. Corona's childhood experiences in his home city of Monterrey, Mexico. It also includes Reggaeton and Cumbia rhythms, creating a multicultural album nourished by Latin American and Mexican sounds.

W. Corona is well known for the diversity of his music. Thanks to his honesty, listeners are consistently offered tails of his experiences, triumphs, romances, heart breaks, celebrations, nostalgias and failures. While in the studio, he always follows his heart and uses fear as an incentive to work harder and to take risks in order to achieve his goals: to grow as an artist and evolve, have fun with friends and enjoy the journey without "taking it too serious."

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One year and eleven months have passed since W. Corona began this new era in his career with the single "Cuadro Chico" ft. El Chino Del Rancho, which he followed up with "Bendecido" and more recently with "Sed De La Mala". The young producer and MC has found a new path by mixing modern hip hop styles with organic Regional Mexican sounds while melodically telling poignant stories with colloquial lyrics.

The two bonus songs included on the album are "Duro" ft. Zkylz García & Fatboi and "El Clavo." Both of the singles' and their music videos also showcase the wide range of influences that W. Corona brings to the plate.

'Rancho Gang' is a map that reflects the experiences of W's life, with each of the thirteen songs taking listeners on a journey filled with many wild twists and turns.

Track list:
1. California High Ft. El Chino Del Rancho
2. Bendecido
3. Duro Ft. Zkylz García, Fatboi
4. El Clavo
5. Cuadro Chico Ft. El Chino Del Rancho
6. Abusando #1
7. Agítalo Ft. Mad Fuentes

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8. Sed De La Mala
9. Hong Kong Ft. Los Del Nido
10. Mal De Amor
11. Route 66 Ft. El Chino Del Rancho
12. La Carga Pesada
13. La Mejor Del Condado Ft. Zkylz García


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