Rainfall Designs A Brand Identity Using Deep Learning For DeepCube, A Company Advancing AI

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Our friends at DeepCube are bringing powerful deep learning capabilities to more devices, and we helped them create an identity for their AI that behaves similar to human personality.

NEW YORK - Feb. 10, 2019 - Rezul -- Rainfall has designed a new identity for DeepCube, a deep learning company building technologies on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. The company wanted an identity that spoke to their expertise without exposing the details of their approach.

The system designed by Rainfall is built on the correlation between AI and human personality, where people tailor themselves to every individual or situation they encounter, and consistently present that version of themselves at every subsequent meeting.

Using deep learning and various inputs, the brand mark reacts to its audience, whether that is a person or situation, and presents a distinct version of itself. It remembers that encounter, and in the case of a repeat meeting will present that stored logo back to its audience.

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A memorable cubic framework forms the brand's foundation and is combined with a mesmerizing network of neurons and synapses. These organic elements were dynamically constructed by ingesting hundreds of diffusion tensor brain images into a deep learning platform to produce a visual framework from which endless unique compositions can be made. This combination of art and science expresses the power and possibilities of DeepCube's cognitive computing.

View the full project case study here: https://work.rainfall.co/deepcube

Marc Anderson, Rainfall

Source: Rainfall
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