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Porkchop Publishing releases G. Ernest Smith's Black Fury

The Black Sheena saga continues in this action packed sequel to Black Queen

COCOA, Fla. - April 20, 2017 - Rezul -- Each time Sheena ascends the Amber Throne and takes on the mantle of the Madilim Shee'a she connects with an ancient entity she calls old one. She can feel him getting stronger inside her with each session and she begins having disturbing dreams. Brother Vincenti and the other monks are sure she is connecting to the divine lord and master, but Sheena and Kag are not so sure.

At the same time, in her capacity as supreme commander of the new military guard, she and the Blacks are trying to create a new nation on Sandow — The Citizens Republic— and with the help of the Al Yo'osh and the Billé Sanmo monks, she establishes the City of Promise. But General Teeg makes a bold attempt to abduct Sheena and puts the Blacks on their guard. They realize almost too late the lengths Teeg will go to when they are drawn into a trap at Monbeer. On top of that, the Coalition has developed an effective new fighting tactic which could spell the end for the Blacks.

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Sheena and Kag finally put together an assault team and go after Teeg in his stronghold on the planet Evergreen while a battle between the Coalition fleet and the Blacks rages in the space around them.

Source: Porkchop Publishing

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