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Pinehurst has new "Safe Money Guy". Glenn Neasham with Retirement Planning Offices of Glenn Neasham

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The Retirement Planning offices of Glenn Neasham opens office in Pinehurst, NC. to serve the senior community with their "safe money" needs.

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. - Rezul -- The "Safe Money Guy" Glenn Neasham teams up with Triumph Marketing, a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) based in Denver, Colorado and working with independent insurance agents and advisors since 2003. Triumph has been in Glenn's corner since its inception and is very much looking forward to helping Glenn serve his pre and post retiree clients in North Carolina. Triumph's philosophy revolves around 3 main principals when it comes to serving retirees: 1. Safety First, 2. Reasonable Rates of Return (RRR) and 3. Keep It Super Simple (KISS). Neasham agrees. As a result, his clients often call him the "Safe Money Guy." Neasham is a veteran of the United States Navy, serving on active duty from 1978-81 and as a reservist from 1982-84. Neasham and Triumph Marketing will work together to provide clients with retirement strategies focused on guarantees, asset protection and income. At Triumph, we help retirees address concerns about outliving income, avoiding market volatility, and getting more out of Social Security benefits, and guaranteeing you an income you can never outlive. Neasham agrees. Contact Glenn for details. (707) 367-5003 or (910) 916-5230

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The ALL Season Portfolio
'Protect the nest, invest the rest'

Intended to provide you with regular monthly income. We structure these plans following the simple fact that monthly bills require monthly income. We want to first build a foundation of income for you, a "private pension,"  so that  you are then free to invest the rest of your assets. Or, as we like to say, "Protect the nest, invest the rest."

The private pension provides for monthly living expenses, (Paychecks). Your stock market account is designed for taxes, inflation and infrequent purchases, (Playchecks). For your private pension, we use fixed indexed annuities instead of bonds or dividend-paying stocks for the many following reasons:

Dividend stocks may reduce or discontinue paying the dividends when the economy falters. You are likely to still need income so the lower income would reduce your standard of living.
  • Fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) are very secure in protecting your principal, gains and income from loss
  • The investment risk in FIAs is fully born by the issuing insurance company, not the owner  of the annuity (which is why you don't sign a prospectus which says you can lose your shirt)
  • FIAs protect growth while providing monthly income, an unbeatable combination
  • Why buy bonds naked in the marketplace when you can let insurance companies buy them and place the strength of that company between you and the bonds for your protection?
  • FIAs work on autopilot without a need to buy or sell anything once they are in place
  • FIAs offer 4%-plus withdrawal rates, including appreciation in the market through linkage to indices such as the S&P 500


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Glenn A. Neasham
(910) 916-5230

Source: Triumph Marketing LLC
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