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Phinge™ Announces it's Developing the World's first Rewards-Based OS to combine with its Phinge Duo™, a smartphones-to-tablet-in-one!

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WILMINGTON, Del. - Nov. 30, 2018 - Rezul -- Phinge Announces its developing a new first-of-its-kind Rewards-Based Operating System that will reward its users and businesses, making them partners rather than products. Along with its new line of mobile hardware products including the Phinge Duo™, a smartphones-to-tablet-in-one, the company will also unveil integrated social media platforms to compete with existing social media giants. Their new Webcial™ O.S. and its proprietary social, messaging, media, streaming, news, reviews and business platforms will interact together seamlessly and will also be rewards-based through all Phinge mobile devices including the Phinge Duo™, which will have many advanced and innovative features.

The Phinge line of mobile phones will include the Phinge Future™ and the Phinge Companion™. When joined together they will form the Phinge Duo™, a first-of-its-kind phones-to-tablet in one. The Phinge Duo™ will offer functional and convenient solutions for consumers who currently carry separate phones for personal and business use.

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In addition to all the functionality and features that users have come to expect from their smart phones, Phinge mobile devices will allow users the option to review and choose their level of privacy and data-sharing. Moreover, users will have the ability to review and delete their previously-collected data at any time.

Users will be rewarded in many ways, including for purchases made using Phinge mobile devices and platforms. This will be a groundbreaking and universally beneficial rewards approach, where Phinge revenue is shared with its users, partners, merchants, businesses and charities who help make the success and growth of the Phinge community possible.

In a departure from the unfriendly, company profit-driven advertising models of today's major technology platforms and major tech companies, Phinge will be business-friendly and based on a profit-sharing model. In a true partnership with businesses, Phinge will not charge upfront advertising costs. Merchants, App developers, and small and large businesses may freely promote goods and services to all Phinge users and businesses and only pay a small percentage of the total sale at the time a Phinge user or business purchases their goods or services.

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Phinge aims to forever change the way users and businesses interact with and benefit from the mobile world of the future.

To see a sneak peak of the Phinge Duo click on the link below to see our Youtube video and come join us on our incredible journey into the exciting, rewarding future of mobile and technology!


To learn more, you may visit us at https://www.phinge.com/

You may also contact us at info@phinge.com.


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