New Way to Detect Leaks Now Available in Queensland

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Queensland Leak Detection company has developed a new technology to better detect water and gas leaks.

SUNSHINE COAST, Australia - Rezul -- Following almost 12 months of investigation and development, Leaktech has now made our Leaktrakas available in each of our vehicles. These devices track leaks inside pipes and will help a range of businesses and home owners across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Queensland to detect leaks that were proving near impossible to find.

Much time went into developing insertion techniques for various applications and we are now convinced that this technology will complement all the other technologies carried by our staff.

The technology allows us to find difficult leaks with certainty in situations where noise, environment, traffic, weather and other conditions make other technologies less effective.
LeakTraka has many applications in commercial, domestic, trunk and reticulation systems where leak detection has previously been virtually impossible. Give us access to the pressurized pipe and we will find the leak.

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We acknowledge that no piece of equipment is the solution to finding all leaks. That is why we have now 7 different technologies to find leaks. It is our 35 years of experience as full-time leak detectors combined with more equipment than anyone else that makes the difference.

Our service vehicles are also equipped with Acoustic Locators (5 different types), Data and Positional Logging Digital Correlators, Flir Thermal Imaging Equipment, Tracer Gas Equipment, Ground Penetrating Radars, Concrete Scanners/X-ray, Calibrated Digital Pressure Loggers, Pipe Tracers, Buried Metal Detection Equipment, Flow Testing Equipment, Chlorine Testing, Moisture Meters, Service Locators and more.

In the last month, we have also introduced GPS enabled locations on our new state of the art underground service locators. This now offers mapping capability to our leak locations.

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