New Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Business Launches in London

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CLERKENWELL, England - Rezul -- A new business has been launched in London aimed at helping blue-chip B2B clients win bigger deals and grow their customer relationships using account-centric, hyper-personalised Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.

Founder and CEO - Louise Bowers, launched AmbitionABM an end-to-end ABM agency, which helps businesses market directly to their most high-value accounts or prospects. AmbitionABM identifies stakeholders within these businesses, provides insights and intelligence to inform marketing strategies, delivers propositions and messaging to appeal to specific personas - addressing their challenges and needs, and uses various marketing and engagement tactics across multiple channels.

Louise has over 30 years experience working within B2B marketing both client and agency, and for the past few years has provided account-based marketing strategies for major brands, and will now make the same services available to the technology, financial and professional service businesses.

Louise said: "I have worked in commercial B2B marketing for a long-time. In the early days we employed technologies such as customer relationship management solutions to personalise mass-marketing campaigns using simple contact name insertion with a light industry touch messaging. Today, B2B marketing has significantly changed, it's become more strategic, and with using ABM it's taken a 'customer of one' approach and highly increased relevance".

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"ABM aligns sales and marketing teams, it removes the guess work with careful selection of target accounts - those accounts most likely to buy, it sees tailored value propositions based on laser-focused account insights and intelligence, the orchestration of the right message and marketing tactic delivered at the right time, and finally a longer-term engagement plan that brings future advocates within an account, helps to evolve customer relationships, build a stronger rapport and provides that deeper trust".

"According to the ITSMA, B2B marketers are finding great success with ABM and 87% of companies say ABM delivers higher ROI than other types of marketing".

"It's an exciting time for B2B marketers and AmbitionABM as we see he popularity of account-based marketing increase and insight driven strategies to drive commercial impact".

To find out more visit our new website or telephone 020 3725 1263.

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