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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains How to Choose the Best Comprehensive Health Insurance

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Group Health Insurance vs. Individual Health Insurance (through the ACA Marketplace)

LAS VEGAS - Feb. 9, 2019 - Rezul -- Comprehensive health insurance can be divided into two categories: individual health insurance and group health insurance. Group health insurance is most commonly available through employers, while individual health insurance is purchased by the individual through the ACA Marketplace. Both types of insurance require that policyholders pay monthly premiums, deductibles, and copays, and both provide ACA's 10 health benefits. Before waiving health insurance coverage through an employer in hopes for a better rate from the Marketplace or before signing up for an individual health insurance plan, talk to a licensed health insurance agent.

Group Health Insurance
Group health insurance is the type of health insurance that is offered by an employer. This coverage is purchased for employees, as well as their spouses and dependents. The employer contributes at least 50 percent to the employees' premiums, and the employee pays the rest from their pre-tax earnings. In some cases, the employer may contribute towards the premiums of the spouses and dependents of the employees, though they are not required by law to do so.

Individual and Family Health Insurance
Individual health insurance is a type of health insurance that someone purchases from the ACA Marketplace. This coverage is available for individuals, and their spouses and dependents. When choosing a policy, an applicant will choose from one of four metal tiers. The Platinum plans have the highest deductible and are the most comprehensive, covering 90 percent of medical expenses. Gold plans are one step down, offering a lower premium and covering 80 percent of health care costs. Silver plans cover 70 percent of medical expenses. Bronze plans, which feature the lowest premiums on the Marketplace, cover 60 percent of medical expenses. Because of the complexities of health insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and assistance from a licensed health insurance agent is imperative.

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Some who have access to group health insurance may wonder if waiving coverage and purchasing individual insurance from the ACA Marketplace could save money on their monthly premium. However, in most cases, employer-subsidized group health insurance provides the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Employees generally have better coverage and benefits than they would be able to afford if they purchased health insurance from the Marketplace.

With a group health insurance plan, coverage starts soon after the hire date. Some Nevada employers require a 30- or 90-day waiting period before coverage can begin. During this time, an employee may choose to obtain short-term health insurance, which is a low-premium health insurance policy with limited benefits. These policies are designed to cover emergencies while the policyholder is waiting for long-term health insurance coverage. With individual health insurance, an applicant must wait until the Open Enrollment Period or qualify for a Special Enrollment Period before obtaining coverage. They are responsible for the full amount of their premium, though government subsidies are available to those who qualify for assistance.

Before purchasing health insurance on the ACA Marketplace, a Nevada resident should speak with a licensed health insurance agent to ensure that they choose the best plan for their needs.

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