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Low-Cost Homes for Vets GoFundMe Fundraiser

Bruce Barbre is in the process of creating a new startup called Goldwell Dome Homes (GDH) for the purpose of providing affordable housing for Veterans and seniors in need.

ORLANDO, Fla. - March 9, 2017 - Rezul -- Goldwell Dome Homes (GDH), Founded by Bruce Barbre (Vietnam Veteran), plans to build safe affordable homes for Veterans, Senior Citizens, and others with special needs.

Team (See wed site for team bio's.):

Bruce Barbre, Founder,Wendy Hatton, CEO Whi Consulting, Chris Zweikel, ZZ Consulting, Engineering

The first project will be specifically designed for Disabled Veterans and Vets in need.   Veterans who receive disability pay are on fixed incomes. Prices on consummables and services rise each year at a rate much higher than the cost of living allowance that Vets receive.  GDH wants to give Vets a low-cost option for housing that can meet their financial situation.

GDH is in the process of obtaining seed capital to complete licensing, SEC compliance, forming the LLC and other startup needs.  Once SEC compliant, GDH will be able to work with investors to raise the funds to purchase land, submit engineering drawings to building departments for permits, and begin construction of the Phase I project.

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Seed Capital Use:

Business Licensing, Business Executive Plan, Legal Services, SEC Compliance, Branding, Office space, supplies, business phone, Engineering Drawings for Phase I, and other cost as needed.

By raising the seed funding via GoFundMe, GDH can bypass the process of obtaining loans from lenders with the need to pay back the loans with interest.  By being debt free, GDH can focus all funds on the Phase I project and get Veterans into homes as soon as possible.

Note From Bruce Barbre:

"I understand on a personal level how hard it is each month for Vets to make ends meet.  I believe that the things that I have gone through personally are also experienced by other Vets.  I decided to establish GDH for the purpose of helping relieve Vets of the high cost of housing by providing safe low-cost housing specifically designed for Vets  with their needs in mind.  I know that Vets will be grateful for the help provided by those who donate funds for the seed capital to establish Goldwell Dome Homes so we can complete the start-up process and begin our Phase I project."

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"It will mean a lot to me to know that I can do something to help make life better for fellow Veterans. I have the knowledge, talent, and contacts to make GDH successful and just sitting back and doing nothing is NOT an option.  Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used wisely."

"I want to personally thank those who donate to help get GDH underway and ask for your help in sharing this GoFundMe  fundraiser with others."

Ways you can help:

Donate to this Fundraiser and/or Share this Fundraiser with others via FB/Twitter or Email and/or Share the GDH URL with others and/or Pray for a better life for Veterans!

Web site:

Goldwell Dome Homes

Source: Bruce Goldwell

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