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Shooshoos has over 20 years of experience in crafting the perfect baby shoes. They are located in Cape Town, South Africa and have a number of physical stores. One of which is at the V&A Waterfront, a central hub for citizens and tourists of Cape Town. Their e-commerce website allows for shipping in all 50 American states. The utmost importance and care is put into all their shoe designs. They cover issues such as sweaty feet, delicate cartilage, growing feet and, of course, the ultimate designs with the cutest patterns.

They have an array of shoe collections for your babies, you can pick from pull-on prewalkers, ballet pumps, sandals, sneakers, oxfords, boots, slippers, moccasins and wellingtons. There are shoes for every occasion and all weather conditions!

For your toddlers, you can pick from maryjane pumps, sneakers, sandals, slippers and wellingtons. A shoe for every adventure!

Shooshoos understands that your babies and toddlers' shoes need to be durable, functional, offer the space and comfort your child requires, as well as look playful and fun for your little ones! All their shoes are hand-crafted with only the finest materials and leathers. The materials used to make their shoes are picked with the thought in mind of how rough a little one can be when playing and running around all day. They know that your baby will require a shoe that can handle all their energy. The materials used are free from harmful and toxic chemicals ensuring even more safety for your little ones. Shooshoos is the best place to buy your little one's shoes.

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To learn more about the various shoe categories that Shooshoos has to offer your little ones, you can visit them on their official website:

About the Company

Shooshoos has over 20 years of experience crafting the ultimate baby shoes that not only offer comfort and room to grow, but also offer stylish shoes to compliment your babies and toddlers' outfits! Shooshoos understand that your little one's feet are still growing and that their feet are made of cartilage, which, as you know, is weaker than bone and, as a result, their shoes are made with that exact thought in mind. Their shoes offer protection, as well as the other above-mentioned advantages.
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