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Is Edward Gusts the Best Actor in Bad Movies?

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Amazingly Talented Actor Shines in "Less Than Amazing" Films

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Oct. 26, 2018 - Rezul -- It was just two days ago that well over a hundred producers, directors and stars were joined by celebrity press at yet another Hollywood red carpet world movie premiere. Afterward a dozen of us met for dinner.

While taking turns stating what each of us would have done differently, a senior producer asked, "Why wasn't Edward Gusts in this movie?" We smiled.

Gusts is an extraordinarily talent actor; one of the best most of us have ever seen. He has a habit of accepting roles in, shall we say, "less than exquisite movies." There's one quote that seems to define many of his choices:

"Edward Gusts is a flawless diamond radiating brilliance into cubic zirconia movies."

Each of the industry professionals at our table had recently watched the film "Alien Expedition." It's a fun, schlocky sci-fi film that is fully aware of its own cheesiness. And, that's obvious to everyone – everyone except Edward Gusts.

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Gusts plays "Mason," the star of the film. There's no winking into the camera ala Bruce Campbell for Gusts. Nope, he's actually hunting space dinosaurs, darn it, and it's serious business!

We discussed several of his other starring roles. In "Spike," for example, there's Edward Gusts being very serious in a movie about a murderous porcupine man. The same holds true for "Axeman 2 Overkill," which, at least to him, was obviously a drama.

We assume that Gusts intensely researches every senseless sci-fi movie that he does. I suppose we'll have to read the book on acting that he wrote to know the answer.

"I don't know whether I want to shake his hand or just shake him," a 'name' producer, who asked not to be named here, offered. "I have a message for you, Edward Gusts," he continued. "Relax, kid. You're not doing 'Sophie's Choice' dude. You don't need to Daniel Day Lewis this s*it"


"Okay, that being said," he concluded, "we were actually entertained by 'Alien Expedition.'  It's fun, it's weird, there's nudity . . . but I'm still kind of concerned about the star."

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"Alien Expedition" is doing well in Europe and is expected soon in the U.S.

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Edward Gusts is co-founder of Helsinki Institute Pictures www.helsinkiinstitutepictures.com and President of The Magpie Film Company.  Say 'Hello' to him at AFM.  He is represented by Chris Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, Hollywood.

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