Important New Initiatives Launched to Combat the Stigma on Mental Illness in the USA

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Rethink Mental Health Incorporated
Rethink Mental Health Incorporated opens programs to combat the stigmatization and discrimination of people suffering from mental health issues.

LAS VEGAS - Oct. 10, 2018 - Rezul -- Today, World Mental Health Day, marks the official launch of Rethink Mental Health Incorporated, a new nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote mental health empowerment with the hopes of eliminating discrimination, harassment and stigmatization of those suffering with mental illness, especially children and young adults. The negative stigma on mental health is a serious issue in today's society. In public stigma, the population endorses stereotypes of mental illness leading them to discriminate against people with that label. Research shows that people with mental illness have fewer opportunities related to work, independent living, and primary health care because of public stigma. Rethink Mental Health Incorporated was founded to change that.

"Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year, and yet nearly 40% of them don't seek treatment or help from others. This shocking imbalance is what Rethink Mental Health Incorporated is trying to combat. The negative stigmas on mental health issues can lead people suffering from mental health issues to fear getting the help they need or even telling their loved ones about their struggles. Despite 43.8 million americans experiencing mental illness every year, these individuals are left feeling alone, ostracized and discriminated against. This has to change." Said Co-Founder of Rethink Mental Health Incorporated, Samantha Foster.

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Rethink Mental Health Incorporated will accomplish its mission with four main initiatives. They host speaking events for schools, businesses and other organizations to educate on ways to combat mental health stigmas. They promote social awareness by inviting others to take the Pledge to ReThink the Stigma and spread this mission through social media and community efforts. They facilitate a safe space to discuss mental health topics and empower people so they no longer feel alone or ostracized. And last, but not least, they redistribute donations to affiliated nonprofits who support the mission in additional ways, such as influencing public policy, advocating for equal rights and providing life-changing health care solutions. More information on these initiatives is accessible through the organization's website

The cornerstone of the organization is Rethink Week, a week dedicated to promoting and expanding awareness of this cause. The upcoming Rethink Week will be March 4th through March 10th 2019. Businesses, churches, schools, politicians and other communities or organizations are encouraged to participate in Rethink Week to help raise awareness about mental health issues and eliminate the stigma that holds people back from getting the help they need. The events and activities held on Rethink Week support the kind of social change that can make a difference in the lives of the people around you. The Rethink Mental Health Incorporated website offers a guide to setting up your Rethink Week actives. You can also register your event online for additional support and recognition.

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The first and foremost way to engage in the mission of Rethink Mental Health Incorporated is taking the Pledge. "By pledging to 'Rethink the Stigma' you are joining a movement to combat the negative and discriminatory stigmas about mental health issues and correct misconceptions and stereotypes. By pledging, you are choosing empowerment over shame. By pledging you are spreading awareness for the cause and helping those around you be more mindful and understanding of people who suffer with mental health issues," said Foster.

Other ways of getting involved include donating towards the goal of raising $1,000,000 for the cause or purchasing "Rethink" branded apparel and gifts. Rethink Mental Health Incorporated is a 509(a) charitable organization, EIN 83-1476419. All the contributions are tax deductible.

Rethink Mental Health Incorporated's services are free of charge. All are welcome to learn more at www.Rethink Mental Health

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