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Hygienic mask care during COVID 19

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Garment Saver launches their Mask EZ Care Bag to store, carry and wash cloth masks.

LOS ANGELES - Rezul -- It's safe to say that this pandemic has affected us all in some way. While we all may have different experiences, we have one thing in common and that is face masks.

Most public places require face masks to be worn at all times. Masks have become such a part of our everyday lives, and while the importance of wearing a mask is stressed, there isn't too much said about how to care for your masks. Mask care, sounds crazy right? Here is why it is crucial to take care of your mask.

Let's be honest, most of us shove our masks in our pockets, lay them open our dashboard or in a random pouch in our bag. While it might be convenient, doing this exposes your masks to bacteria, dust and any other dirt that may be present.The whole point of masks is to keep the person wearing it safe from other germs as well as prevent germs from spreading. Putting a mask on to cover your face after it sits and gathers its own germs is counterproductive.

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Garment Saver is focused on providing ways to ensure that your mask gets the proper care. Their MASK EZ CARE BAG does just that! This product will allow you to store, carry and machine wash your cloth mask in the same bag. This ensures your mask stays safe and germ free in between uses. Key features:

Roomy zippered compartment holds most size masks.

Mesh fabric in back allows soap and water to easily permeate the bag; so washable, cloth masks get a thorough clean during washing machine cycle.

Convenient flap lets you fold up the bag into a compact size for travel; while keeping dust and allergens away from the mask.

Hanging loop makes it easy to store anywhere.

Though annoying at times, masks are a part of our lives for the time being. It's so important we care for our masks correctly and effectively to help keep us and others safe. You may view more details on Garment Saver's website at https://garmentsaver.com.

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