Husky 5885 P/V Vents Earn California Approval for E-85 Fuels

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CARB Executive Orders Clear Way for Use in California E-85 Storage Tanks

PACIFIC, Mo. - Rezul -- Husky Corporation's 5885 Pressure/Vacuum (P/V) Vent has received approval from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for use in the storage of E-85, high-level ethanol-gasoline blends containing 51 to 83 percent ethanol, which can be used in Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV) as an alternative to gasoline.

The 5885 Pressure/Vacuum (P/V) Vent is now designated in CARB Executive Orders VR-101-R and VR-102-S as being E-85 compatible. The largest U.S. state by population and vehicle count has a growing number of fueling outlets which offer E-85 (

The Husky 5885 P/V Vent ( addresses pressure/vacuum conditions that arise in underground and aboveground storage tanks.

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It is constructed from materials that are 100 percent compatible for use with E-85. In a letter to Husky Corporation, CARB noted the 5885 P/V vent "has been tested to the latest UL 2583 standard which include E-85 compatibility and was also certified for use with E-85 fuels by the California State Fire Marshal."

"This approval makes the Husky 5885 P/V vent an outstanding and cost-effective option for fuel dispensing outlets planning to make E-85 available to their customers," said Tim Schroeder, Product Design Engineer at Husky Corporation.

A recent California news article ( reported the state has 1.5 million FFV on the road but only 190 fueling stations that dispense E-85. The fuel produces fewer harmful emissions than gasoline and is considerably less expensive per gallon than gasoline but does not deliver as much fuel efficiency per gallon. The article stated E-85 "is experiencing a resurgence in California, with sales volumes more than tripling in the last five years."

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More information about the Husky 5885 P/V vent, which incorporates three separate valves to control over-pressure and vacuum conditions that arise in storage tanks, can be located at or by calling Husky Corporation at 800-325-3558.

About Husky Corporation: A Breed Apart®

Husky Corporation is a leading provider of fuel dispensing products and services. Founded in 1947 with headquarters and production facilities in the metro St. Louis area at Pacific, Missouri, Husky Corporation offers Husky® General Fueling Products including a complete line of dispensing nozzles, swivels, Safe-T-Breaks®, hoses and related accessories for fuel delivery systems.  Husky Corporation operating divisions include BJE Oil and Lube products, Hewitt Aviation Fueling Products and S.U.R.&R. fluid line repair solutions. Additionally, the company offers Benecor DEF Dispensing and Storage systems, Enevo Logistics Optimization systems and Roman Seliger Liquid Loading Arms.

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