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Growing a Company Without Bosses

Expert advice on how to reinvent startups from the ground up at SXSW in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas - March 10, 2017 - Rezul -- Forbes, Fortune, Inc. and The Wall Street Journal all agree that 90 percent of startups fail. Yet most still try to grow as companies did 75 years ago. It's time to build agile startups that avoid the trap of unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy. Sound impossible? It's already happening and the SXSW conference in Austin offers two opportunities to learn more.

Edwin Jansen ( and Samantha Slade ( will be sharing the stories of their self-managed companies on Monday, March 13th at 3:30pm in a session titled Growing a Company Without Bosses. In the same session, authors Travis Marsh, Brent Lowe and Susan Basterfield will launch their groundbreaking book "Reinventing Startups: A Practical Toolkit For Founders and Leaders". The book is the first of its kind to provide tactical advice to founders who want to reinvent how business is run.

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"Reinventing Startups: A Practical Toolkit For Founders and Leaders" includes references to both Fitzii and Percolab along with many other companies that are embracing agile and self-management philosophies. Topics covered in the book include:

Extreme transparency

Distributed decision-making

Being a powerful leader without wielding power

And more ...

Edwin, Samantha, Travis, Brent and Susan are leaders in the emerging field of self-management. Each is available for interviews upon request.

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