Environmental Systems Rated No.1 For Oil Tank Sweeps In NJ Using Ground Penetrating Radar !

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If underground structures need to be identified, Environmental Systems GPR can find heating oil tanks, construction debris, septic tanks, electrical lines, PVC pipe and just about anything that can be buried.

RED BANK, N.J. - March 21, 2018 - Rezul -- Environmental Systems Geo-Technical support team can identify buried objects and oil tanks during their Oil Tank Sweep, Tank location services. Many companies just use a wand type metal detector that can not see objects below 15 inches at best. Environmental Systems has over 20 years locating buried oil tanks. Ground Penetrating Radar allows us to see underground disturbances that could be missed with Wand Metal detector. Recently Environmental Systems was hired to tank sweep a vacant property in Mantoloking NJ.  Typically our GPR unit is very sensitive and identifies metallic and non metallic objects. As usual  a number of geotechnical anomalies were identified. Environmental Systems recommended using a small excavator to dig small excavations to see what the source of the anomalies were. Approximately 70 feet of 2 inch diameter metal pipe was identified. Environmental Systems also recommended soil and ground water testing. It appeared soils were contaminated along with groundwater requiring remediation. Many oil tank sweep companies and home inspectors use a metal probe to check for tanks. If the tank is sand filled or just pipes are causing the reading they may miss a larger problem. Environmental Systems constantly tells it customers: " Just because you don't find a tank does not mean the property is clean and free from contamination". It pays to hire a expert  environmental company with years tank experience.

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To obtain additional information contact Environmental Systems at 732-892-8707 or web site at depenvirosystems.com.

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