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'Dream Properties Worldwide" and 'Where Did They Film That? Italy" Ink Unique Licensing Deal

LOS ANGELES - Jan. 22, 2017 - Rezul -- Real-estate marketing company 'Dream Properties" is proud to announce a new unique licensing partnership with the 'cinematic brand' franchise 'Where Did They Film That? Italy and its creator, International award winning performer, travel writer, published author, national ABC star & TV producer "Romina Arena" with their luxurious high end properties in Italy.

From the breathtaking locations featured in famous unforgettable movies filmed in Italy, such as "Under The Tuscan Sun" "My House In Umbria" "Letters To Juliet" and "Roman Holiday" and many others. If you ever wandered what it felt like to not only visit these splendid locations of famous movies, but to live in Italy in incredible stunning castles, mansions, luxurious palatial villas and enjoy a private amazing green vineyard right in the heart of these movies locations, this new unique partnership will now offer that opportunity!

Dream Properties Worldwide aligned their vision with Romina Arena and her team at 'Where Did They Film That? Italy" by selecting the most spectacular dream real-estates in Italy right in the heart of where some of these incredible movies were filmed. You can now live just like Diane Lane's character (Frances) from the 2003 film in "Under The Tuscan Sun" in your own stunning ancient Tuscan and Umbrian villa farmhouse! Now you will be able to find your dream property, as Romina suggests and finally live the life you've always dreamed of in Italy! Whether you are retiring in Italy, or want to have a spectacular place to own or rent for your holidays and your family, of if you love luxury and want to live in your very own castle, or if you are an Italian American who wants to move to Italy to finally feel that special connection, from North to South including the amazing island of Sicily, now you have that opportunity! These gorgeous top of the line, high profile, real estate luxury properties are all you ever wanted! From long white sandy beaches on the Amalfi Coast to the rolling hills of Tuscany, from the dreamy Venice palaces to the historic Sicily considered the "Hawaii of Italy, ". Dream Properties Worldwide & Where Did They Film That? Italy" have the right dream estate for you!
About Dream Properties:
Dream Properties Worldwide is a company with its base in Charlotte, NC. Its aim is to showcase historical and exclusive properties in beautiful Italy to the world and feature them as unique investment opportunities. Owners are Katja Bailot, a native of Italy, who brings to the table a thorough knowledge of the Italian culture and history, and Helga Mezas Armfield, a Charlotte Realtor and business owner.

About Where Did They Film That? Italy:
The idea of "Where Did They Film That? was conceived and created by International Pop Classical Crossover singing star "Romina Arena" in 2010. Linden Publishing/Quill Driver Books signed her to a multiple book deal, with "Where Did They Film That? Italy being the first of many.  Where Did They Film That? Italy is a travel guide for movie lovers and a movie guide for travel lovers.
About Romina Arena:
Romina Arena is an International award winning performer, travel writer, published author, music and television producer

Source: Where Did They Film That? Italy

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