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Investing in real estate is a great way to obtain cash flow and/or capital gains while you have someone else pay your mortgage, but there are also other benefits to investing in real estate...

LOS ANGELES - Rezul -- 5 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

1. Cash Flow

Cash flow, the most obvious, is the income that is generated from the rental income after your expense have been paid. This is money going into your pocket every month -- like an extra pay check -- and this can increase over time as rent goes up with the market. Historically rental rates have gone up in Hawaii, so potential exists for your monthly cash flow to increase over time as rental rates rise.

2. Capital Gains
Capital gains or appreciation is the increase in the value of the property after time. We have seen prices double in Hawaii a couple of times in the past and all you had to do was to own the property to take advantage of this increase. It's an added benefit of owning a real estate investment.

3. Leverage
Using leverage to invest in real estate is a benefit that cannot be attained with other investments. For example, when purchasing stocks it would cost you $200,000 to buy $200,000 worth of a particular stock. When purchasing real estate, you could purchase a $200,000 investment property but only need to pay cash for 20% ($40,000) of the total property price. If prices go up 5% in this scenario, the increase in value to both the stocks and the property is $10,000, but with the real estate purchase it only cost you an upfront investment of $40,000 to have the property value increase by $10,000, whereas with the stocks it cost you $200,000 to make the same $10,000.

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4. Inflation Resistance
Since your monthly mortgage payment is fixed, there is inflation resistance with real estate. Goods and services go up in price, but your monthly mortgage payment does not. You may actually increase your income when you raise the rent over time for your renters and not for you.

5. Tax Incentives
The not-so-obvious benefits are the tax incentives: depreciation, business expense deductions, investing tax-free with self-directed IRAs and my favorite, the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) 1031 Exchange.

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