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Destiny Carries And LFG Announces Sale on Destiny 2 Pinnacle Items

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Not Forgotten Pinnacle Hand Cannon Not Forgotten Lunas Howl Mountaingtop Recluse Recluse Pinnacle Sub Machine Gun Revoker Pinnacle Sniper Rifle Mountaintop Pinnacle Gernade Launcher
Looking to obtain the Destiny 2 Pinnacle Items Prior to the end of Season 7?

TAMPA, Fla. - Rezul -- Destiny Carries and Destiny Boosting Services

For those seeking the to obtain Destiny 2 Pinnacle Items, Destiny Carries And LFG is offering a simple way to get a new Pinnacle items. These already highly sought after Not Forgotten, Luna's Howl, Mountaintop, Recluse, and Revoker can easily be obtained with Destiny Carries LFG help.

Destiny Carries And LFG understands this challenge, and that's why they have become a premier source for Destiny 2 Carries and Destiny 2 Boosting service. Destiny Carries And LFG offers carries that seamlessly take players through quests and get them the pinnacle items they deserve, and status they want. This way, Destiny 2 players can simply jump back into the game and get back to the gameplay they love.

Destiny Carries And LFG makes getting these items easy. With their services, players can choose for assistance with just one of their goals or with the entire quest's completion. Pricing is scaled depending upon the amount of help each player needs, giving players the option to choose exactly how much help they need getting any of the Pinnacle items. Dont forget to look at their Pinnacle Package Deals.

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The Mountaintop

Features a lightweight frame, hard launch, volatile launch, spike grenades, sticky grenades, rangefinder, and micro-missile, making it the item to have in Destiny 2. Many players are turning to Destiny Carries And LFG for assistance getting through the rigorous quest and claim their new Pinnacle Item.

Luna's Howl

Luna's Howl's signature perk is Magnificent Howl. After getting two headshots, you'll activate Magnificent Howl, which does increased damage to the enemy no matter where you hit them.

Not Forgotten

The Not Forgotten
, the big brother of Luna's Howl. Not only does it come with the special perk Magnificent Howl it also got a lot more range and a better magazine which makes this hand cannon the best of the best. Simply owning this makes a statement that your Guardian has reached max rank in the Glory playlist.

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The Recluse Legendary Pinnacle Submachine item is for Destiny Crucible players. It's a Void Burn and fast firing. A kill with any item will improve its damage for a short time.


It was built with the mindset that you should always go for it. Revoker perk called Reversal of Fortune: Missing a shot returns the bullet to the magazine after a short duration. It is equipted in the Kinetic spot and has a custom low zoom Ambush SLH25 scope and Snapshot for those close quarters battles, which could be very nice in Crucible.


Source: Unmatched Gaming
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