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CS:GO Beta Depot: PlayerAuctions Explores What's Made It Out, And What To Expect Next

CounterStrike: Global Offensive's latest update has been out for several weeks, and a lot of gamers might be wondering what Valve has been up to, and what the company may have in store for further updates. It turns out there were a few changes that made it out of the CS:GO Beta depot.

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 11, 2017 - Rezul -- September CS:GO Beta Depot Updates — Changes To Pistol Mechanics

Anyone who's played any CounterStrike game, past or present, knows that pistols can be a very underrated weapon in the game. They won't work as well as others in most situations, but they do have their uses, and it would seem that Valve has made a couple of popular pistols more worthwhile to use. As seen in the last CS:GO Beta depot update, the Glock-18 is now more powerful as a close-contact weapon, while the P250 now benefits from a longer range. For the latter weapon, there is a tradeoff, as its one-shot kill ability is now gone.

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In addition to the above changes, the CS:GO update has done what it could to eliminate the "aimpunch" phenomenon. This is something any veteran CS:GO player should be familiar with — your character will look into the sky after being shot if you don't have any armor equipped. Some have complained that aimpunch hasn't completely been eliminated, but it is what it is, and Valve has greatly reduced this on the new update.

What To Expect From The Next Batch Of CSGO Updates

At this point, any predictions for next CSGO updates should not be treated as actual plans Valve has for the future, but rather what we believe we might end up seeing going forward. Being that September update focused on pistols, we're guessing Valve will continue improving pistol power, range, and other key metrics or stats, as it tries to emphasize the importance of being well-versed with multiple weapon types.

As recent CSGO updates had focused on gun prices and graphical details, we can expect those to be featured well, as players continue beta-testing new fixes and features. Some weapons may likely become more affordable on future updates, just like we've been seeing in recent weeks, & when it comes to the graphics side of things, you can look forward to more seemingly small, yet ultimately significant changes, such as the way smoke grenades work when they come in contact with flames.

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