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Children's author releases first book in the Nick series

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Nick and the Golden Apple! is the first in the Nick series from Robert Parent, featuring young Nick and his friends Emma, and Scott. The book encounters Nick as he's about to turn eleven … the junction when life expands beyond family.

TORONTO - Rezul -- NICK AND THE GOLDEN APPLE! by Robert Parent

This week Core Business released the first in the series of Author Robert Parent's "Nick" books. This first novel in the action-adventure series introduces readers to Nick, an orphan who's unaware he's been adopted by his father's twin sister - raised by a loving mother and father – he heads off to a secret school… hidden from the world… steeped in mystery,,, there he'll discover his true heritage and an unexpected legacy.

NICK AND THE GOLDEN APPLE, encounters Nick around the time he meets Emma, a new friend. His life is changing. Nick's a shy pre-teen who doesn't want to disappoint his parents. Knowing he's adopted, he feels compelled to work extra hard to ensure they are proud of him. As his friendship with Emma develops she helps him become more confident. Together they discover and explore some of his unusual abilities… super sight  and an ability to communicate with animals. Each day uncovers new possibilities and adventures, ones beyond normal experiences.  The story is full of surprises and unexpected twists.

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Every series has a starting point, the entryway into this world begins with Nick and the Golden Apple. As Nick morphs into a teenager, readers join him every step of the way. From his arrival at 12, Huntington Street in London as a baby to his first trip to El Museo Canaria in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an eleven-year-old where he learns about an ancient people and his family. This is just the beginning of his adventures.

It's amazing to think it all started with his parents shielding him from fire with a magical blanket.

This fantasy is filled with imaginative details, and magic rooted in reality. It's slanted toward action-oriented readers, who will find the transition from school in London to private school unexpectedly natural.  The characters experience relatable emotions, fears, and triumphs on a human scale, even when myth encounters reality.

The author was inspired to write the first book in this series for his teenage son. The 'Nick' series uses the same framework as other phenomenally successful book series such as Harry Potter. The author attempts to create an action-adventures series that children will find equally fascinating.

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Core Business develops action and adventure books for children.

On Amazon.


Robert Parent's books can be viewed at http://www.corebusiness.ca/ or via Amazon.

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