Chicago Broadcast Network Officially Launches in 2019

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Multimedia blog promotes "the city that works" using video and audio to showcase off-loop talent, events and enterprises.

CHICAGO - Dec. 4, 2018 - Rezul -- In an effort to position and guide the launch of the online media magazine for 2019 has posted its mission statement.

The aim of the Chicago oriented website and its related social media entities is to showcase multicultural and age diverse people engaged in art, music, theater and various cultural or community events.

"We want to give a voice and provide added exposure to those who are not always in a position to grab the attention of larger media outlets, perhaps because they are emerging personalities or because their message is directed to a niche audience." says, Reno Lovison, Executive Producer. "Many of our posts contain original content produced by (or on behalf of) our clients or friends as well as content we have found in various other locations around the web. This is intended as a curated experience that allows our visitors to see Chicago through our eyes, allowing us to provide information about people, events and topics that we hope users will enjoy."

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Overall this is a "News-free" and "Sports-free" zone.  Chicago Broadcasting Network will not specifically cover news and sports because there are outlets that are in a better position to do that more effectively. Also, news and sports have a greater sense of urgency and timeliness. The brand wants to provide information that is more "evergreen" and that can be enjoyed over a greater period of time. Some exceptions to that, of course, will be events, theater reviews, and performance related stories.

Generally, the focus will be more on Lifestyle, Culture, and Local Business that reflects the overall Chicago community.

"Because there is so much going on within the city limits we will also generally stay within the confines of the city and not try to cover all of Chicagoland (suburbs) except when we feel it is of particular interest."

It is expected that the essential demographic of users will be Chicagoans, visitors to Chicago, Chicagophiles, and expat Chicagoans who want to get a sense of what is going on culturally outside the Loop and outside what is being promoted by deep pocket advertisers.

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This is basically a multimedia blog meaning that each post will incorporate a written article, post or summary but will also have have a video or audio podcast component.

The "network" consists of the primary website as the hub. Original video programming can also be found at the youtube video channel and audio programming (podcasts) at iTunes, Spotify or GooglePlay.

Chicago Broadcasting Network is open to sharing content and using content submitted by others. If you want to incorporate any of the original content (such as theater reviews ( into your podcasts or other programs or if you have content that you feel fits the criteria visit

Reno Lovison

Source: Chicago Broadcasting Network
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