Certified Laughter Yoga Leader 2 Day Training

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LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Jan. 11, 2019 - Rezul -- On March 30-31, 2019 the halls of Mercer Council, in Lawrence, NJ will ring with laughter, as Karen Siugzda and Joan Castellano, both certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, conduct a Laughter Yoga Leader training session. In this experiential 2-day program, you will learn about and practice Laughter Yoga, a full-body wellness workout. You'll also explore the physical, emotional and psychological benefits that laughter provides! Recent studies have shown that laughter affects the brain in the same way as meditation and has many health benefits. Laughter Yoga incorporates laughter exercises with pranayama (yogic breathing) to teach you how to laugh intentionally.  There are no yoga poses and no comedy routines, just playful and fun activities using eye-contact in a group setting as well as guided meditation and relaxation.

In these 2 fun-filled, action packed days, you will:

●        learn the history of laughter yoga

●        understand how laughter yoga works

●        explore the methodology of laughter yoga

●        fully experience and engage with this amazing wellness practice

●        gain insights on starting a laughter club

●        be inspired to share laughter yoga with others

You'll leave this training feeling uplifted and informed. You'll have a wonderful set of tools to help enhance your life and well-being, as well as of those you love.

You'll also be certified to lead others in Laughter Yoga sessions, sharing the vibration of joy, connection and wellness throughout your community. This can be for a laughter club, community event, co-workers, church groups…. and so much more.

:: Who should attend this training? :::::::

●        Teachers

●        Therapists

●        Yoga Instructors

●        Physical Therapists

●        Clergy

●        Care-givers

●        Gym Teachers

●        Activity Directors

●        Senior Recreation Specialists

●        Treatment & Recovery Therapists

●        HR Directors

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●        Nurses & Doctors

●        Parents

●        Grandparents

●        Anyone who wants to improve their physical, mental & emotional wellness!

:: What do I get? :::::::

All participants will get:

●        TWO FULL DAYS of practice while learning 60 plus exercises and laughter yoga theory

●        Dr. Kataria's E-Book: 'Laugh for No Reason'

●        Certified Laughter Yoga Leader e-manual & printed manual

●        Your internationally recognized Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate

●        Inspiration to start your own laughter club, or simply use the skills learned for your own health and well-being

●        Laughter Yoga Leader colleagues locally and from around the world!

13 Contact Hour Credits are available for Activity Professionals, certified by NCCAP

:: What does it cost? :::::::

2-Day Laughter Yoga Leader training
cost is $325

Early Bird Deal: $300 (register by 2/28/19)

Refresher (for those already certified): $100

:: Where is the training held? :::::::

Mercer Council on Alcoholism & Drug Addiction

1931 Brunswick Ave

Lawrence, NJ 08648


To register please email Joan: joan.zarod@gmail.com or call: 201-240-5073


"I highly recommend the 2 day Laughter Yoga Leader Training workshop.

This course covered a lot of information that was very easy to absorb. We practiced a lot of laughter exercises which made the class energetic and fun! I had taken many Laughter Yoga classes before but I learned so much more in this training. I now feel confident to go out and teach a Laughter Yoga class on my own."

~Lorraine N.


"Thanks for a fun and informative training! I thought it was great! I especially appreciated the opportunity to dive right in and experience Laughter Yoga that first morning. It was everything I expected it to be!

Thanks again for everything! I appreciate you both sharing your expertise and your laughter!"

~ Julie S.


"Thank you so much for facilitating the training.  I really left feeling that it was one of the most unique and uplifting experiences I've had.  I felt like the training was well balanced between learning and practicing the different techniques.  I definitely walked away feeling like I could teach this.   I'm looking forward to bringing a laughter class to the studio."

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~ Alyssa Z.



Karen Siugzda, CLWI, CLYT
discovered Laughter Yoga during a very difficult time in her life and proclaims it has truly been a saving grace. She realized the amazing benefits of laughter after just one laughter session! It only took two sessions for her to realize that this simple, fun, yet wonderfully healing activity is an integral part of her life's journey, then she immediately became an instructor. Obtaining a dual certification in 2012 as both a "Certified Laughter Yoga Leader" as well as "Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor," Karen has been bringing healing laughter to communities and corporate environments alike. In 2015, Karen made her internet radio-debut, discussing the benefits of Laughter Yoga and leading a session LIVE on the air. And in 2017 Karen extended her training and is now a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.  Since her initial training in 2012, Karen has led many Laughter Yoga sessions for community, corporate, support centers, cancer centers, Alzheimers Association, local libraries, and more.

Joan Castellano, CLYT works with people to bring more laughter into their lives. She is CPR certified, insured and has a Master's in Higher Education Administration from Columbia University, Teachers College. She is currently employed at ACAP, a mental health training/graduate school in Livingston NJ.

Joan has facilitated Laughter Yoga at area colleges, senior homes, community centers, staff retreat, hospitals and other community groups. She decided to become a laughter yoga leader after the loss of a beloved job. She began laughing regularly at a laughter club in NYC and just fell in love with the benefits she felt.  Her life has and continues to transform in numerous ways due to her ability to laugh at life and be mindful through deep diaphragmtic breathing. She is so thrilled to have partnered with Karen to train and inspire those who want to give so generously through shared laughter and community.


Refund Policy: Up to 2 weeks before the training date we will refund you minus $35. Less than 2 weeks, cost can be put toward future training.

Full details at http://www.laughterwellnesswithkaren.com/event/laughter-yoga-leader-2-day-training-march2019/

Karen Siugzda
Laughter Wellness with Karen

Source: Laughter Wellness with Karen
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