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Catios for Cyber Monday! Feline Navidad!

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Catio Spaces™ adds DIY catio plans, gift certificates

SEATTLE - Nov. 25, 2015 - Rezul -- Feline Navidad! Cat lovers who want to include their favorite feline in holiday festivities can treat themselves or cat lovers in their life to a DIY catio plan or a gift certificate for a Do-It-Yourself catio plan. (Note to procrastinators: orders are fulfilled when purchased.)

Catios are outdoor enclosures designed to keep cats safe, healthy and happy. The Do-It-Yourself catio plans, available in various styles and sizes, are the creation of Cynthia Chomos, founder-designer of Catio Spaces, and a licensed general contractor.

Designs include the Haven and Sanctuary catios (three-sided designs that attach to a home) or the freestanding Oasis catio for a yard that includes directions for a catwalk tunnel. Cat access to the catios is via a cat door installed in a window, door or wall. Both the Sanctuary and Oasis catios provide space for seating to accommodate human and feline interaction. Sizes range from 3'x6' to 8'x10'.

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Each DIY plan includes step-by-step instructions, a materials list, tools list, and more than 25 diagrams to minimize guesswork and save time for DIYers or their carpenter/installer. Bonus tips and decorating guidelines are also included to help acclimate a pet to its new haven.

The DIY catio plans and gift certificates sell for $49.95 each and are delivered immediately upon purchase as a downloadable PDF. Catio Spaces donates $5 from each sale to an animal welfare organization.

The catio plans have adjustable heights and are designed to be built as panels for ease of assembly. Shelves are designed to maximize vertical space for exercise, lounging and cat naps. All plans offer roofing options including open wire mesh, a fully-covered, clear polycarbonate ceiling or a combination of both. Flexibility is also provided for the door placement.

Cynthia Chomos, the founder of Catio Spaces and a feng shui consultant and designer, builds custom catios in the Greater Seattle area. The longtime cat lover formed her design-build company to combine her passion for creating harmonious spaces for positive living with a desire to provide safe, stimulating and aesthetically appealing sanctuaries for felines.

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"We want our catios to be easy to assemble and rewarding to build," she explained, adding, "Whether using a DIY plan or a custom design, our goal is to keep cats safe and happy in an outdoor enclosure that visually complements each client's home.

Catio proponents say these increasingly popular enclosures are not about pampering a pet. "Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, a catio can enhance its health and happiness while protecting a beloved pet from predators, poisons and diseases from other animals," explains Chomos. They also help protect local bird and wildlife from wandering cats that might prey on them.

Cheri Brennan, Alliance Communications

Source: Catio Spaces

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