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BUYORRENT Advisory Group Corp. Helps to Answer the Question "Should We Buy or Rent?"

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A startup project is to provide users with a financial tool that helps them with critical financial decisions such as buying or renting property.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Rezul -- Buying or renting a home is one of the eternal questions everyone asks at some point in their life; it can arise among young people in their early twenties and be on people's minds until retirement. The answer depends on lifestyle, financial situation, and other circumstances. The problem is that to make the right decision, one needs to have a complete overview of outcomes, the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, and possible future perspectives. The current fintech market lacks financial advisory tools that help people evaluate their financial position, ways to buy or rent property, compare rates, predict outcomes, pre-assess mortgages, and proceed with further actions within one application.

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BUYORRENT is a great pre-assessment tool that can determine users' financial situation and offer customizable solutions regarding house purchase or lease options. The app focuses on buy or rent decisions, including calculator features, assessment tools and mortgage pre-approval components. BUYORRENT uses clients' financial data to analyze and perform buy and rent solutions calculations while considering the initial, recurring, opportunity costs and net proceeds. The BYUORRENT mobile application allows its users to see results and predict any pitfalls of their decision before they make it.

About BUYORRENT Advisory Group Corp.: BUYORRENT mobile app is an innovative financial tool that simplifies and helps individuals with financial questions regarding house purchase or lease options. (https://buyorrent.company/)

BUYORRENT Advisory Group Corp.

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