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BodyFX is an alternative procedure that aims to reshape and improve your body's contour. It is a non invasive procedure which means it also reduces patient's anxiety and its also ideal to patients who has fears in invasive surgical procedures such as liposuction. BodyFX reduces the undesired cellulite appearance. It is not only new but a long lasting solution for your excess and unwanted fatty areas.


BodyFX provide different methods in achieving its objectives. It practices a combination of treatment that is proven clinically such as radio frequency energy wherein heat is applied to the skin which provides reduction, contraction and contouring of the body. The vacuum and controlled energy pulses uses negative pressure and is a much in depth treatment in shaping ones body.


Our priority is your safety and comfort. During the procedure your healthcare provider will constantly ensure that your vitals especially your temperature is  stable and a preassessment will be conducted as well as post assessment. During the procedure a series of RF energy is delivered by a succession of pulses at 1 million cycles per second. You may be heightened with this information but this is totally and absolutely safe.

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As heat is applied it is normal to feel some warmth and as well as a little pulling discomfort during the Radio-frequency and vacuum treatment. But all in all, the procedures are comfortable as claimed by the users.


Once every week for eight weeks straight is recommended. Your skin will have an immediate result to a smoother and softer surface while improvements in body's contour and shape can be seen after a few sessions done.


Since this is a non invasive procedure, it doesn't prevent the patient from doing its regular activities. However, after the procedure, redness and warmth may be experience due to the pressure and deep tissue treatment. These procedures doesn't require a specific time. This can be done in the patient's convenience.

The Epitome of Body FX

Body FX is a modern contouring treatment in which its objective is to address some fatty tissue problems. It uses the following methods:

• Radio-Frequency is a non invasive method wherein heat is applied to the skin which provides a definite and excellent reduction, contraction and contouring of the body.

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• Negative Pressure Massage this is another non invasive method which treats deeper by applying negative pressure to the skin.
• It is clinically proven that 30% of our fat cells known as Adipocyte apoptosis at a 2.5cm depth 13.7% Neocollagenesis or the synthesis of a new collagen. (Apoptosis is a process of cell death of those programmed cells which occurs in multicellular organisms.)
• As study continues with regards to body shaping, it indicates that new collagen synthesis and skin tightening has direct correlation.

Source: Art of Facial Rejuvenation
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