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AS PRESS COVERAGE ENDS, THE STORY BEGINS: Puerto Rico remains without drinking water and power. Thousands of California homes and businesses are lost

Matthew Plummer contributed these compelling images to help support victims
While Oxfam and the United Way of the Wine Country are aiding countless victims a young artist from Britain and MISSIonLINES in America are helping them help others.

LA JOLLA, Calif. - Oct. 20, 2017 - Rezul -- Hurricane Maria has passed. The wildfires in Northern California are contained. News coverage has moved on. Yet the aftermath of catastrophes is a crucial time, often a critical time, for survivors. Shelter, potable water and food can be even more desperately needed afterward than during raging storms and fires. Rebuilding will take years, perhaps decades. The costs are incalculable. And the cameras have stopped rolling.

Oxfam is providing relief to hurricane victims throughout Puerto Rico. The United Way of the Wine Country is dedicated to helping residents during post-fire recovery. Funding  - very substantial funding - will be essential. Together, London artist Matthew Plummer and Californian Aldis Browne, the founder of MISSIonLINES, have contributed images and dedicated web addresses to help the public easily commit financial support to these two essential organizations.

More on Rezul News  directly opens Oxfam's support and recovery page for victims of Hurricane Maria., the link to The United Way of the Wine Country, is dedicated to area fires.

Matthew Plummer's paintings are being Tweeted, texted, and posted across social media to help spread these appeals  -- is the shortcut to share these messages on Facebook and they can be reTweeted from The artist's impressions and MISSIonLINES' addresses will remain active through 2017. All are urged to share these addresses online and offline, in print and by voice.



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