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Andre Esterhuizen, a South African citizen, noticed the need for an innovative new building system from his years of experience in various construction fields. He noticed that in various fields of construction there were two main factors contributing to the delay of building plans. These factors were that the expenses for building materials were too high and that there was a shortage of skilled labourers in South Africa. Andre was determined to find a solution that would rid the construction industry in South Africa of these two obstacles. As a result, Stumbelbloc was born.

Stumbelbloc is a mould used to create blocks that you can use to construct structures such as houses, walls, sheds, ponds, and dwellings. With the use of this product, you will always have a supply of blocks for your construction projects and save money by not buying pre-made bricks.

Using the moulds are simple, as one of the factors Andre was hoping to overcome is the number of unskilled labourers of South Africa in construction. By making use of these moulds they are able to keep their jobs, as they no longer require extensive skills to create the bricks. To create blocks, all you need to do is grease the moulds, fill them with sand, stone and cement mix, leave the moulds to sit in a dry and shaded area until they have set, and, finally, remove the block from the mould so that you can start constructing your structure. With Stumbelbloc, it's that simple!

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Stumbelbloc blocks also come with an interlocking feature on each block, helping to form a sturdy, but easy to construct, structure. Simply lay the bricks on a level surface and start two rows off with just the blocks, making sure that they interlock into one another. On the third row you can begin plastering the blocks.

To learn more about the Stumbelbloc products and how they can assist you with your next construction project, you can visit their website on:

If you're interested in using Stumbelbloc for your next construction project, have a look at their website. You'll find a host of information, such as what you can mix together to create the blocks, examples of house plans, building manuals on how to use the moulds and a gallery of the structures created using Stumbelblocs blocks.

About the company:
Andre Esterhuizen was the founder of Stumbelbloc. He started experimenting with concrete to see what he could produce and, after several attempts spanning across three years, Stumbelbloc was created. Andre knew he had a special product that would not only help unskilled construction workers, but also reduce costs on construction projects with his invention.

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