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America 2030 Capital, LLC has launched Stock Loan (SBL) Operations in the USA with loans as low as 2.99%

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After successful growth in Asian markets, America 2030 sees huge opportunity on its home turf.

NEW YORK - April 14, 2018 - Rezul -- America 2030 is a boutique M & A Firm with operations in Hong Kong, UK and USA. It's not your typical firm with a single focus. The firms objective is to seek out new and promising opportunities in the rapidly changing financial sector throughout the world.

The firm has made great inroads in the commercial real estate finance sector and has had numerous successful M&A deals, renewable energy and even cryptocurrency financing. It is one of the leaders in cryptocurrency financing with loans being offered up to 80% Loan to Value (LTV).

A core business activity these days is the financing of public securities, or stock loans, as the sector is known.

A stock loan is a very popular loan product for those who own stock, especially lots of it. Its a low interest ability to obtain an interest only long term loan, which is tax free (loans always are) and defer any tax gain. The loans are non-recourse and no personal credit or background is performed. Its a very quick process, usually only 1-2 weeks with some loans closing in record speed of 3 days and immediate funding.

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America 2030 Capital Limited has closed many loans in Asia in 2017 and in the First Quarter of 2018 and its goal is to transact in in the USA as well, where there is huge opportunity, and reach a goal of several hundred stock loans per year with worldwide operations.

In the USA, the firm is promoting its stock loan program through Stock Brokers, Underwriters, Market Makers, as well as Asset Managers and Registered Investment Advisors. The USA stock loan program offers financing as low as 2.99% with terms up to 10 years.

Val Sklarov the President of the company had this to say: "In the USA, liquidity and access to capital is still restricted to many public companies. Most in the OTC sector and those priced under $5.00 per share find challenges in obtaining financing. Our firm arranges for long term financing and we believe the USA will be a fantastic market for us. We have been very well received with our American Stock Loan Program."

And Mr. Mark Simon Bentley, the Chairman of America 2030 Capital Limited said "We have been turning down USA stock loan business previously as we were not prepared to maneuver through the USA regulatory hurdles,  but now we are confident that our stock loan program has mass appeal, from shareholder to the insider. We offer loans backed by securities from $100K up to $500M and have a very quick and simple process, which includes no application. A stock symbol and number of shares to be pledged, is all that we need."

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America 2030 Capital Limited consists of a family of 3 companies, registered in the USA, Hong Kong and U.K. Expansion plans are being made in China to begin stock loan operations and M&A Capital Markets by late Summer of 2018.

For further questions, please contact America2030.com


Mark Bentley

Source: America 2030 Capital Limited

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