Altered Boys: Book of Billy: Graphic Novel Hits Hard!

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Original graphic novel tackles clergy abuse and pedophilia in dramatic fashion.

LOS ANGELES - Sept. 18, 2018 - Rezul -- Echoing ripped-from-the-headlines stories of clergy abuse and pedophilia, Altered Boys, takes on these social and political taboos as only a graphic novel can. Riveting and dramatic, it has been described as DEXTER meets SPOTLIGHT mixed with the personal angst of RAY DONAVAN. With taught, gritty, detective-fiction dialog, amplified by dramatic illustrations by artist Robert Rath, the book launches a series that shines a piercing light into one of organized religion's darkest corners.

Conceived as a six-part saga, Altered Boys follows a secret organization of vigilantes on a mission to rid the world's major religions of pedophile priests and clergy. They do this by first exposing the abusers and those that have hidden and protected them from prosecution followed by administering swift and final retribution. Confession. Repentance. Death. No exceptions!

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In Altered Boys: The Book of Billy, the reader meets Michael, a former altar boy and abuse survivor, who is the organization's lead hitman. He travels across the country under the guise of a specialty insurance inspector carrying out his duties discretely and flawlessly. Then, things start to go awry when Michael learns that his childhood friend Billy, also abused by the same priest, commits suicide.

This tragic turn of events sends Michael on a personal vendetta that violates the organization's approved plans and bring him onto the radar of the FBI. His rogue actions set in motion a series of events that create conflict with his superiors and make him a high-risk liability for the organization. Michael also is at risk of losing and endangering his closest friends. A powerful story with a timely, potent message and a preview of things to come.

The Altered Boys graphic novel series is the joint venture of indie filmmakers and writers Brian Wasiak, Michael J. Uhlman and Jon C. Scheide,

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Altered Boys: The Book of Billy 48pg Color (ISBN: 978-0-692-13678-2). Published by Shinebox Press.

Digital copies available on Comixilogy and Hardcover and special editions available via the website

Complimentary review copies available. Please contact Brian Wasiak at

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