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Fort Worth,  Jul 12, 2018 (Issuewire) - SAMGO1 LLC is introducing HS1, a new patent-pending product that is a safer alternative to using OC Pepper Spray. HS1 ingredients are safer than hairspray ingredients!

HS1 is an anti-inflammatory agent unlike OC Pepper Spray being an inflammatory agent. HS1 will not contaminate the air resulting in not affecting bystanders. Because HS1 (Hot Safe One) ingredients will not cause pain and discomfort it is able to overcome school restrictions.

School employees and students with schools permission will be able to carry HS1 on school property. HS1 is just as effective as pepper spray by forcing the closing of the eyes for an acceptable amount of time. HS1 will not affect the human respiratory system compared to OC Pepper Spray. HS1s reaching capability with a stretched out arm when being deployed will reach 20 feet. HS1 does not use dangerous propellants only compressed air to propel the ingredients. HS1 also has a 360 spraying capability and does not require shaking before use.

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HS1 may also be used by law enforcement to eliminate deaths when the combination of positional restraint and pepper spray is used. HS1 Simplicity: Forcing the eyes of an attacker to close without using dangerous chemicals. For active ingredients and active shooter information please visit our website.

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