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1GRC Unveils Enhanced Efficiency Feature for Risk Management Operations

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Facilitators Role - Functional Flow
Risk & Compliance software vendor 1GRC creates "Facilitators" role & workflow to unblock risk management backlog in medium to large enterprises.
Latest 1GRC cloud release lets trained helpers or teams assist managers with their compliance tasks.

LONDON - Rezul -- Driven by demand from major users for a scheme to reduce the assessment completion burden on asset risk owners - 1GRC® introduces unique 'Facilitator' Role and Assessment Workflow to its risk management processes.

Addressing Risk and Compliance exposures across any organisation is complex and involves workers, managers and specialists performing numerous risk and compliance assessments and reporting tasks. Historically, and in line with accepted risk management standards like ISO 27005 or NIST SP 800-30, this involves identifying primary assets and assigning ownership, whereby named owners become responsible for assessing and managing risks to these assets.

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However these responsible owners are often senior managers with other responsibilities and priorities. Therefore assessment backlogs and late completions occur; with consequent knock-on risks.

But in larger enterprises or those with several hundreds of assessments needing to be performed there is an economy of scale opportunity in further outsourcing or delegating parts of the end-to-end assessment completion process to specialist Helpers or Teams: Thereby freeing-up asset Owners from the more manually-intensive tasks, allowing them to do more important things; but without losing ownership and control of the process or compromising the integrity of the final results and data. We call these helper roles Facilitators.

In common with all other roles in the solution, Facilitators are registered within groups that align with the organisational ownership of the assessments, i.e. a Facilitator's ability to control assessments is confined within specific lines of business or operational functions.
  1. An Asset / Assessment Owner can complete assessment themselves, or delegate it to either a named deputy owner, or an approved Facilitator Team.
  2. A Facilitator assumes control of the assessment and then researches to complete remaining sections & questions of the assessment, ready for final checking and submission by the Owner.
  3. The Owner reviews and approves the assessment (or may reject-back for amending) and then submits it to the final Approval workflow.
  4. Final approved assessment is submitted to database with date stamps and audit trail logs. Next review date is scheduled according to the assessment policy.
The new Facilitator functional update is available on the 1GRC 2020 cloud/SaaS platform release, available from Sunday 8 December for all users.

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1GRC CEO Adrian Wright commented: "Our high volume users asked us for a way to reduce the assessment workload on their risk owners, and our people responded by conceiving and introducing this new feature and process flow. At 1GRC we firmly believe that innovation triumphs over perspiration every time!"

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