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Omega Animal Removal Extends Services to Meet Rodent Control Demands

High demand leads Omega Animal Removal to increase staff and inventory to better serve their customers.

DALLAS - April 21, 2017 - Rezul -- Due to increasing demand for rodent control services in DFW, Omega Animal Removal has expanded its services. The expansion of Omega Animal Removal's services includes larger capacities for Rodent Control, Rat Control, Bee Control, Attic Decontamination, and much more.

Omega Animal Removal has extensive experience understanding the habits of unwanted rodents and pests, allowing them to strategically remove them from a home or attic. Their wildlife and rodent control teams can assist with rodent removal, squirrel removal, and the removal of other rodents like opossums, raccoons, skunks, snakes, bats, bees, and more.

If a homeowner is uncertain about the type of rodents invading their home, such as sounds or smells coming from parts of the home they don't have easy access to (e.g., attic), Omega Animal Removal will visit and ensure that they will be taken care of.
If they are instead looking for the removal of a specific type of rodent, Omega Animal Removal can help with their newly expanded services, including squirrel control, rat removal, bee removal, attic decontamination, and more, in addition to the rising demand for rat and rodent control services.

With the rising demand of rat and rodent removal in Dallas, TX, Omega Animal Removal aims to help homeowners alleviate their concerns by fully eliminating any kind of unwanted rodent or pest from their home or property. This is why the "Rodent Control Division" was officially formulated: utilizing the skills of a team of experts who specialize in rodent control to permanently resolve any rat infestation of any size or complexity, regardless of the setting.

The Rodent Control Division utilizes a 4-step rodent control process that is designed to both resolve any current rat infestation process, as well as protect the property from future infestations. The entire process will decontaminate the area in order to return the home or property back to original condition prior to the rat infestation.

Contact Omega Animal Removal to learn more about animal and rodent control services in the Dallas, TX area.

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