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LiceDoctors Lice Removal Service Reports Socially Active Kids at Higher Risk for Head Lice

Arizona's premier head lice service, LiceDoctors Lice Treatment Service, reports that head lice are most commonly found on children with active social lives. LiceDoctors has successfully treated 300,000 clients and has Arizona's only lice treatment service with a medical doctor on staff.

PHOENIX - March 14, 2017 - Rezul -- Arizona's largest lice treatment service, LiceDoctors, reveals that children with active social lives are the most likely demographic to contract head lice. The reason for this, according to LiceDoctors owner, Wendy Beck, relates to how head lice are transmitted. According to Beck, "We estimate that at least 95% of head lice are transmitted through head to head contact. Lice crawl from one head to another so it makes sense that children who are social and are frequently in close contact with others would be the most likely candidates to present with head lice."

In addition, Beck observes that because children today are, in general, more affectionate with their friends than in previous generations, head lice have ample opportunity to spread. "As a mom of a daughter, I have been struck with how affectionate girls are today with their friends. This is one piece of the puzzle as to why head lice have been on the rise over the past several years."
Beck states, "When we grew up, we saw our friends and said 'hi' and then hung out with them. Girls today are so much more demonstrative than we were. In the lice world, we see this increase in demonstrative behavior as a conduit for lice."

Add to the mix the relatively new phenomenon of group "selfies", in which friends place their heads together to take photos and you get the picture: "Socially active kids are more likely to get head lice because of their exposure to other kids who may be carriers," says Beck.

According to Beck, "These societal shifts combine with a reduction in efficacy of chemical lice shampoos and a trend of schools allowing students with lice and/or nits to remain in class, and what you have is a picture of lice as a common-place phenomenon among U.S. families today."

Beck's longevity in the lice treatment field, over 20 years, has led her to be an active voice for lice education. She advocates for schools to provide parents with education on lice identification, life cycle, transmission, and lice treatment. "Parents cannot control societal trends of their daughters and friends (nor would we want to), but it is important for families to know that the only way they can counter these trends lice-wise is to physically extract every egg from the hair. Unfortunately, that can be easier said than done as the nit-picker needs to be able to see and recognize nits in the hair. Then he or she needs to be able to extract the glued-on eggs. If a couple of nits are left in to hatch, the case starts up again. This is why education is imperative."
LiceDoctors has an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau. LiceDoctors can be reached in Phoenix and Scottsdale and surrounding areas at 602-753-0289 and in the Tucson area at 520-549-2209 or online at

LiceDoctors offers same day service in over 70 locations nationwide. Many of their clients still consider them among their BFFs.


Source: LiceDoctors

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