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Inspired By Tabletop, Throne of Lies Brings the Game to Next Levels on Kickstarter

LAS VEGAS - Feb. 13, 2017 - Rezul -- Imperium42's Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Lies & Deceit – an online multiplayer game where social deduction skills are everythingis live on Kickstarter seeking $20,000 in crowdfunding pledges. The game has given rise to hot topics to the community such as: Can the tabletop game be shown as a 3D PC game? Is this the first 3D "social deduction" game for PC that does not require VR? Throne of Lies is the latest social deduction game of the genre to make an appearance away from tabletop to appear on STEAM's platform.

Throne of Lies is inspired by medieval politics, the traditional Werewolf/Mafia (1986) genre and tabletop games. The game takes an exciting new twist on the genre, dropping you into a medieval setting full of sociopathic classes. Form into factions, betray those whom you befriend. There are over 100 special abilities to use, but your wit and deductive ability are your main weapons. Each session will contain up to 16 players.

Throne of Lies was designed to deliver high replay value – You can play many game sessions while still discovering a new and unique experience each game. Social deduction games like this actually encourage you to betray/tease your friends. Throne of Lies makes death-time fun, draw hand-drawn Deathnotes to troll the living, and even convert players to their darker personas with 35+ classes and 4 factions.
The Kickstarter campaign is set to end on February 24th and has been selected as Kickstarter's Project We Love. For a limited time, supporters can claim the game for 50% off while also unlocking exclusive access to the game before everyone else. Throne of Lies is expected to arrive later in 2017, and has already been Greenlit on STEAM.

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Your objective is simple: "Discover whom you can trust, dispose of the rest." Players begin their journey in Castle Adiart, where they are randomly assigned to one of the four factions.

With more than 100 class abilities (e.g., Distract, Construct Reality, Bind Soul) and 30+ different class combinations to choose from, it's easy to craft unique and effective strategies to further your claim to the throne.

With an intricate Day and Night phase system, Throne of Lies features different events that can take place depending on the time of day and a player's faction. During the Day, players can discuss, accuse, and execute those who may be guilty of committing treason. At Night, secret meetings and murder can take place! If your faction wins, you gain "gp" (gold) and "xp" (experience) – which unlock new skins, weapons, armor, auras, and more.
Key Features
1. Choice-driven gameplay
2. Deep class system
3. Unique Day/Night system
4. No pay-to-win unlocks
5. Online multiplayer
6. Creativity counts
7. It's good to be King
8. Stylish justice

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