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Environmental Systems Releases MICROBE 2.0 for Remediation of Leaking Heating Oil Tanks !

Environmental Systems continued research and development of Bio Remediation Technology has led to the optimized heating oil microbe known as MICROBE 2.0. Now Oil Contaminated properties can be remediated in less time and with less expensively.

PRINCETON, N.J. - May 16, 2017 - Rezul -- Leaking Oil tanks continue to hamper real estate sales  in N.J.. Environemntal Systems first developed Bio-Remediation Products over 10 years ago reducing remediation costs and time need for project clean-up. OIl and gas tank remediation can be costly  and geneticly engineered microbes can greatly reduce the overall costs associted with remediation. Classic remediation relied on excavation of hundreds of tons of contaminated soil . Now the amount of soil needed to be removed  can be  reduced to a fraction of that amount. MICROBE 2.0 works in containated soil and ground water and has been extensively tested in the lab and and various New Jersey Properties. Environmental Systems has been in the Site Remediation Business for over 20 years removing OIl and Gas tanks all over New Jersey. Many gas station property owners have relied on Environmental Systems to promptly remediated there sites so the properties can be sold. Environemntal Systems team of LSRP and Environmental Scientist can design a cost effective remediation plan to cost effectively find a solution to a property owners contamination propblems.
For a free property evaluation and to recieve addtional information contact Environmental Systems at 732-892-8707 or visit our website at depenvirosystems .com

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