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ICP DAS USA Releases Its New Member of tSH-700 Series Family

LOS ANGELES - April 12, 2017 - Rezul -- ICP DAS USA introduces tSH-725i module to its tSH-700 series. The tSh-725i is a tiny serial port sharer with 2 RS-485 ports. The module performs a number of functions such as Baud Rate Conversion, Modbus RTU/ASCII Conversion, and as a Two Masters Share One Slave device. It has a built-in web server, which eliminates the need for command-line console interaction and web management interface for easy configuration on a web page.

The Baud Rate Conversion function allows different baud rates and data formats to be sent among master and slave devices. Modbus RTU/ASCII Conversion allows for a single Modbus RTU master device to communicate with Modbus RTU/ASCII slave devices through different protocols, baud rates, and formats. It is very compact, and equipped with removable terminal block connectors for easy wiring.
The tSH-725i can also be powered over Ethernet, which complies with true IEEE 802.3af-compliant (Class 1) standard. This module is designed for low power consumption, allowing it to be cost and energy efficient. It is great for the use office lighting control application. By connecting uplink and downlink serial ports to the module, the lighting can be controlled by using a Master controller (TPD/HMI) in different locations.

To learn more about the variety of ideas and real projects integrated with ICP DAS hardware, visit our website at , or give us a call, toll free, at 1-888-971-9888 and one of our engineers would be happy to assist in reviewing the project requirements, ensuring that the highest quality solution is presented in your final application

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