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New Investment Marketing Services from Private Offerings Marketing

GLENVIEW, Ill. - April 5, 2017 - Rezul -- Private Offerings Marketing Services LLC (POMS) announced today a unique set of investment marketing services.

Funding is required to nurture and expand startup and small companies.  It is cost prohibitive for these firms to raise capital using the public markets.

In 2012, Congress passed the JOBS Act making it easier for start-up and emerging growth companies to access capital.  Now, public solicitation can be used to sell private offerings.  This marked the first major change in the securities law in over eighty years.

Prior to 2012, investing in "The Next Big Thing" was confined to a small community of venture capitalists, angel investors, or friends and families.  Since the JOBS Act of 2012, private companies are free to access this vast new capital source, the American Public.

Over 125 million Americans own stocks.  The majority of holdings are in public companies. Millions of shares are bought and sold daily on the major exchanges.
There are both opportunities and challenges.  Reaching out to the investing public or what some call "The Crowd" is not a trivial task.   Private Offerings Marketing Services was founded for one purpose - to assist companies acquire new investors.

POMS uses a wide array of digital marketing programs to tell their client's story.  Using email, social media, webinars, ads, public relations, content marketing, etc., interest is generated and expanded.  As affinity groups are created, the Company arranges for those who have an interest in investing to meet with the client either by phone or in person.

Private Offerings Marketing Services asks the client to pay $100 per meeting.  The client accepts as many meeting as required to complete the capital raise.


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Eileen Kaplan

Private Offerings Marketing Services LLC

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