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A2 Security Sets Record Pace of Client Sign Ups and Launches CISO Cyber Security Services

A2 Security sets a record number of new client sign ups while launching CISO cyber security programs.

NEW YORK - April 3, 2017 - Rezul -- Business interest has nearly doubled for startup network consultancy called A2 Security, following the release of third-party CISO cyber security programs and recent financial regulation in New York.

Industry and business leaders in New York have recently come under fire as NYCRR 500 regulation pushed from the NYDFS sets out stringent requirements for financial, legal, and insurance industries operating within New York

Inside Perspective from A2 Security

Nanuet, New York – April 4th 2017: An information security specialist from A2 Security announced the company's cyber security program for third-party CISO services in New York. The specialist from A2 Security provides an insider perspective on the new NYCRR 500 regulation and a macro perspective on the current status of the network infrastructure behind the financial industry. A2 Security

The information security specialist has worked in the field for 16 years and now works with A2 Security as a consultant.
Here's what the consultant had to say, "These laws are easy to pass. It's just a matter of managing sensitive information handling, and proper network firewall protection."

Third-party CISO program

The third-party CISO program from A2 Security offers two main offerings, network risk assessment, and regulation of non-public data.

Network risk assessments encompass all layers of a network, from the physical layer to the actual user. Network assessments consist of vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and social engineering to attempt to subvert network security.

Regulation of non-public data involves managing access to non-public data, setting up audit trails, and managing data retention policies, procedures for securely storing, retaining, and securely destroying this data.

Businesses Face Mounting Cyber Security Challenges

Reports from SonicWall in 2017, including the SonicWall 2017 Annual Threat Report, illustrate that the cyber security threats facing businesses are growing in number. The report included that the number of ransomware attacks in 2016 grew to 650 million.

Ransomware attacks entail sensitive data stolen or encrypted, and held at ransom until the company has paid the actors. Many businesses are unprepared to properly deal with these advanced threats and do not give enough consideration to information security or computer network security.
Third-party CISO program details

When asked to explain the CISO program, he immediately referred readers to the A2 Security website, "The main website details the technical stuff; your readers would do better to read about it there."

When asked about the business ramifications of putting a CISO cyber security program into place, here is what he had to say,

"CISO third party services are easily implemented into existing networks. It's just a matter of fine tuning firewall rules and establishing policies and procedures for handling the sensitive data."

A2 Security recently expanded operations into New York

Here's what the consultant from A2 Security said about the current status of the company,

"We are fortunate that we have moved operations into the New York City region. Our managed security services have been around for years, but the CISO program itself is a new offering. We also offer network administration plans and network tools. See more information here or you can contact us on our main site"


Source: A2 Security

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