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ManeGain Sets IPO, Plans to Raise $5 Million

Under the SEC's Regulation A+ Guidelines, ManeGain plans to sell 1,000,000 shares of Preferred Series A Stock at $5 per Share.

AUSTIN, Texas - March 26, 2017 - Rezul -- ManeGain the leader in all-natural hair regrowth and rejuvenation technology has begun its quest to raise $5 million in a "mini-IPO" under the SEC's Regulation A+ guidelines.  They are the first company in Austin, Texas and the forth in the state of Texas to offer stock directly to the public through this public offering.

Regulation A+ stock is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and allows startups the ability to sell stock directly to both qualified and non-qualified investors.

"We have begun to sell Series A Preferred stock to the public as of this week as per our qualification from the SEC," says Jeffrey Fry, ManeGain's CEO and President. "The offering is for 1,000,000 shares at $5 per share. What makes this exciting is that startups like ours have the ability to sell registered stock directly to the public, bypassing the investment bankers and stock brokerages with Reg A+," Mr. Fry added. "It also allows us to sell to both qualified non-qualified investors.  This money will allow the company to expand to 60 different locations in 40 different cities within 18 to 24 months."
Management has floated approximately 20% of the company with this offering with a pre-money valuation of $17 million and a fully subscribed post-money valuation of $22 million. The stock preference is liquidation guarantee of $5 per share for all investors. The minimum purchase quantity is 200 shares, or $1,000. The first $500,000 in stock sales will be held in escrow. ManeGain expects to be fully subscribed within 90 days of their issuance of this stock offer.

All of ManeGain's filling documents, including the offering circular, can be found on the SEC's Edgar site ( ( The company is using FundAmerica ( as its transfer agent and will be using Prime Trust, LLC ( ( as escrow.
About ManeGain: offers its patent-pending HALO Hair Therapy™ through high-end hair salons and spa. The HALO Hair Therapy™ bathes the scalp and hair follicles with natural light energy that reverses hair loss, maximizes keratin production, and generates a stronger, more durable cuticle: essential components for healthy, youthful hair. For more information about ManeGain, you can visit their website at or contact them at (844) 5-REGROW or via email at

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Source: ManeGain, Inc.

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