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Concrete Network Recommends Spending Your Tax Refund on Floors That Will Last a Lifetime

Discover three reasons to use your extra cash to upgrade to stained concrete floors.

CALIMESA, Calif. - March 17, 2017 - Rezul -- One of the most dramatic, and expensive, upgrades that homeowners can make is to change the flooring. For homeowners deciding where and how to spend their tax refund, stained concrete can provide excellent return on their investment. The long-term value, minimal maintenance, and unlimited color possibilities make stained concrete a superior choice for flooring.

When comparing flooring, the three main concerns are cost, maintenance, and design options. Here's why stained concrete is an excellent choice:

Cost: Because of its durability, stained concrete offers excellent lifetime value. It is likely that you'll never have to replace it.

Maintenance: A professionally stained and sealed floor is easy to clean and rarely requires repair. If you have kids or pets, you'll love how easily you can wipe up accidents, spills, and muddy feet or paws.
Design options: Color choices are endless and sealers are available in various sheens. You'll be able to get a floor that is completely customized to your liking.

While stained concrete might not be the cheapest initial investment, it will prove to be the best value in the long run. "Choices such as carpet, tile, laminate, or wood flooring will all eventually need repair and replacement. No other flooring option has the longevity of stained concrete," says Jim Peterson, president of

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